Mount Peace Cemetery

ST. CLOUD, FL 34769


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Mount Peace Cemetery is set on 18 acres of beautiful open and wooded areas with 6,500 plots and 96 niches.
Each lot can hold 1 vault and 1 cremation
4 cremations
Each niche can hold one urn of cremations

City Resident Rate - $400.00 each
(Plot or Niche)

City Resident – resides in the corporate city limits of The City of St. Cloud, FL

Non-Resident Rate - $1,200.00 each
(Plot or Niche)

Non-Resident – resides outside the corporate city limits of The City of St. Cloud, FL

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For more information please contact:
Ricky Stayer
407-957-7257 or 407-957-7392

Mt. Peace Online Burial Search

City of St. Cloud Parks and Recreation Department now offers a new mobile application and a new website that map each of the Mt. Peace Cemetery spaces on satellite maps. The new, free Mt. Peace Cemetery mobile app for Android and Apple operating systems may be downloaded through Google Play and through the Apple Online Store. The cemetery has been mapped in Google Maps so that visitors using the mobile app may have Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation directly to the grave they may be researching.

Individuals may visit St. Cloud Records Search to search the online burial records and maps. This website allows users to input the name of a deceased person and to then click on the deceased's name when it appears. The system will then bring the user to the deceased person's page and the user may then click the "View Memorial Page or Submit a Memory or Photo" icon on the upper right-hand side of the screen.