What Is Reclaim Water?

Reclaim Water is the product generated by extensive treatment of sanitary wastewater. Reclaim water is treated to a very high level of quality in our wastewater treatment plants. At these plants, wastewater is initially treated to a level that allows us to discharge water on a private spray field. Water treated to this first level of treatment will not harm the environment, but is not yet suitable for public irrigation. This water is then treated by additional filtration and high level chlorination processes to ensure that the water distributed as reclaim is safe for public irrigation uses. Our treatment plants are equipped with electronic sensors that continuously monitor the quality of this water to ensure that we are meeting all applicable criteria and ensuring the safety and well being of all customers.

Reclaim Water Importance

Reclaim water is now recognized as a resource. As potable water demands increase and water conservation becomes ever more critical, reclaim water becomes a primary resource capable of minimizing potable water use. Additionally, by using reclaim water in this positive manner, we are able to help recharge the aquifer with this water rather than losing it. St Cloud's reclaim program is recognized as a leader in our area, which has resulted in approximately $300,000 in recent matching funds grants from the South Florida Water Management District.