Parks & Recreation

The Parks and Recreation Website is currently under construction, for more information please contact the main office at 407-957-7243.

Department Services

The Parks and Recreation Department provides a variety of recreation programs and opportunities for the residents of St. Cloud. The department provides staff support to the City Council, and two citizen advisory committees.

The department is committed to keeping aware of popular leisure interests and providing programs accordingly. The Civic Center serves as the center of the department's activities which attracts thousands of people annually for programs and special events.


View a listing of the Parks and Recreation Department staff.

Citywide Trails Masterplan

In July, 2017, the City Council approved the Citywide Trails Masterplan via Resolution 2017-121R. The Masterplan provides the City with an effective planning tool to be used to support the development of a multi-use trail system.

The Masterplan serves as a guide for the City of St. Cloud's Recreation Advisory Committee, City staff, and City council in their decisions regarding the location, funding, and construction of trails and other bicycle facilities. This plan also provides the framework to coordinate the development of trails with other governmental entities.

Access the Citywide Trails Masterplan (PDF).



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