Sewer System Complexity

Sewer System Components

When you think about the sewer system, it can be easy to say "out of sight, out of mind." However, the sewer system is very complex and integrates many components. As such, a great deal of operations and maintenance effort is required so that problems can be kept "out of mind."

Sewer System Facts

  • Critical components of the collection system are constantly monitored using radio telemetry so that problems can be addressed quickly
  • Effluent quality is monitored constantly using electronic analyzers
  • On average, a pump in every lift station turns on every five to 30 minutes
  • The air supply to the plants is provided by five to 100 horsepower blowers
  • The water pipe sizes range from four-inches to 20-inches in diameter
  • We operate 68 lift stations, with seven more to be developed
  • We operate two treatment plants which have a combined capacity of 4 million gallons per-day


For questions or more information about the sanitary sewer system, please contact the Environmental Utilities Department at 407-957-7344.