Fire Recruiting


Applications for the Fire Department are accepted on a needs basis using the City of St. Cloud employment application.

Minimum Requirements

Each applicant must meet the following requirements at the time of application:

  • Have a Florida class E drivers' license or commercial drivers' license
  • Have a Florida emergency medial technician certificate
  • Have a Florida fire fighter standards certification
  • Must have completed an emergency vehicle operators course
  • Be a high school graduate or equivalent and at least 18 years of age
  • Be a nonuser of tobacco or tobacco products for at least 1 year immediately preceding application in accordance with Florida Statute 633.34 (Download the Affidavit (PDF))
  • Neither have been convicted of a felony or of a misdemeanor directly related to the position of employment sought, nor have pled nolo contendere to any charge of a felony.

Florida Certified

To obtain information about becoming Florida Certified, please visit the Central Florida Fire Academy Webster

Fire Fighter Minimum Standards Course