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St Cloud Soldier City Celebrating Small Town Life

St. Cloud offers a unique atmosphere for businesses to grow and prosper. The City is located just minutes away from the City of Orlando, the Orlando International Airport, and the Medical City at Lake Nona. Overall, St. Cloud provides easy access to all major cities in Florida.

The St. Cloud community is steeped in tradition and heritage, but continues to effectively develop as a community to live, work, and play. City of St. Cloud officials and staff continue to explore ways to make the community "business positive." The City of St. Cloud’s Economic Development and Special Projects Manager assists new companies interested in establishing themselves within the City. The Economic Development and Special Projects Manager also assists existing companies and administers incentive programs.

Everyone is invited to St. Cloud to see what the City has to offer and how we can assist your company!

City of St. Cloud Incentives

The City of St. Cloud’s Incentives Ordinance allows for cash incentives in employment within target industries and incentives allowing for deferment and waiver of fees for speculative buildings that meet a certain criteria.

Please contact the Economic Development Office for additional information regarding incentives.

Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC)

The City Council voted 5-0 on Resolution Number 2015-066R on May 14, 2015 to create the Economic Development Advisory Council. The City’s Economic Development Coordinator will be the lead staff member and will update the committee in reference to economic development initiatives involving the municipality. The committee shall meet as often as necessary to provide business-related recommendations on sustaining, generating, and developing economic growth within the City limits.

This committee consists of seven members (Seat 1 through Seat 7). Seat 1 through Seat 5 will correspond to the number of each City Council seat and will be appointed by the council member filling each corresponding seat. Seat 1 through Seat 5 will be coterminous positions with the corresponding council member seat. Seats 6 and 7 shall be at-large appointments by City Council.

Next EDAC meeting

Scheduled for: March 18, 2020 - CANCELLED

Next EDAC Meeting April 15, 2020

Location: City of St. Cloud City Hall

City Council Chambers

Building A - 3rd Floor

Time: 5 p.m.

View the most current EDAC meeting agenda

View EDAC meeting minutes (PDF).

For information regarding the Economic Development Advisory Committee, please call the EDAC Secretary at 407-957-8422.