Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines

To be considered for job openings, you are required to complete a City of St. Cloud employment application online in its entirety.

Provide a brief statement about your objective in applying for a position with the City of St. Cloud.

Achievements & Training

Your application should accurately reflect your academic achievements and accomplishments. Indicate your major course of study and any special job related knowledge, expertise, or skills you acquired as part of your education.

List other significant job related training you received as well as any job related licenses and certificates you obtained.

Employment History

List all employment for the last 10 years, beginning with the most recent. For each employer, indicate your tenure, position, basic duties, and special assignments. List the reason for any period of unemployment greater than three months between jobs. We look closely at work experience, so the information you provide is very important.

If you are claiming Veterans’ Preference, please submit the required documentation at the time of application.

Felony History

Explain fully and provide dates, if you have ever pleaded nolo contendere regardless of adjudication, been convicted of a Felony, Misdemeanor, etc.