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THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2013 2:00PM


CHAIRMAN:               Jennifer Giannuzzi


SECRETARY:              Nancy Medina



Maria Lewicka                          David Ennis                              Elizabeth McCormick              

Marty Hobbs                             Corey Clough                           Kirk Zilke




1.      Case # 13-75.05 ? GEM-A IV, Young Project

350 E. 13th Street

Site Development Plan


Applicant/Agent: James Young, Steve Davis and Fred Siebert

PLANNING DEPARTMENT                                              

MARIA LEWICKA 407-957-8428


1.      Please amend the site plan and application to show ?Industrial-2A? zoning district.

2.      Please amend the application to show ?Industrial? Future Land Use designation.

3.      The vicinity map should include a scale not less than one inch equals two thousand feet

 (1? = 2,000?).

4.      Please amend the site plan to show the number and dimensions of the bicycle parking spaces.

5.      Please amend the site plan to show the Area Calculations and Occupancy Load as provided on the Floor Plan.

6.      Please amend the site plan to show the parking calculation as provided in the information section below.

7.      Please amend the site plan to show a table with the proposed setbacks and impervious surface/lot coverage calculations.


·        The proposed use is not listed in the ?off-street parking minimum requirements? table. Therefore, the use ratio for ?churches, temples or place of worship? was applied (one space for every four seats in the main auditorium, plus 10% bicycle parking). The proposed meeting room is designed for 196 people (information provided by Stephen E. Davis Architects, Inc.) and requires forty nine (49) parking spaces. As fifty (50) parking spaces are shown on the provided site plan, no additional motor vehicle parking is required.


Mr. Davis acknowledged the conditions.


Mr. Siebert addressed condition # 2, and resubmitted a revised DRC application.


BUILDING DEPARTMENT                                                          

BOB WOOD 407-957-7266


·        No Comments at this time.


PUBLIC WORKS                                               



1.      The 0.08 acres to be dedicated to Osceola County as noted on the plans, are not reflected in the drainage calculations. How is the additional impervious for the new sidewalk installation being addressed?

2.      Please continue the construction of the sidewalk parallel to Orange Ave to include the handicap ramp detail at 17th St.

3.      No cover sheets provided ? included at a minimum a sheet index, utility company contacts, project address and/or parcel ID, etc.

4.      Include the City?s current standard general notes and details.

5.      Dumpster enclosure does not meet the City?s minimum dimensions. Please revise and include the City?s standard detail.

6.      Please show protection for storm inlets in the area or adjacent to the project construction.

7.      Please label the new right-of-way line due to the dedication to Osceola county.

8.      The proposed 6? PVC sanitary appears proposed to be constructed on another property.  Please provide a utility easement or a written agreement with the adjacent property owner allowing this construction; or adjust the location of the installation.

9.      Please provide a detail for the two proposed flumes, including but not limited to cross sections of the flumes.

10.   Is curb proposed on-site?  What type? Please call out on the plan views and any associated cross section or profiles.

11.   The orifice does not appear to meet SFMWD criteria.  Refer to the SFWMD Dry Retention/Detention Area criteria, ?Dry retention/detention areas shall have mechanisms for returning the groundwater level in the area to the control elevation.?  The control elevation is the 0.147ac-ft volume elevation of 77.7?  In addition, the orifice should meet the SFWMD criteria that  ?gravity control devices shall be sized based upon a maximum design discharge of one half inch of the detention volume in 24 hours?

12.   The minimum elliptical pipe allowed would be a 15? equivalent = 12? x 18?.

13.   Please show a cross section of the proposed driveway.

14.   All signage and striping shall be called out on the plans, provide details as applicable.

15.   The sidewalk ramp elevations at the handicap spaces do not appear correct. Please verify and update as applicable.

16.   The orifice appears to be located at the SHWL per the geotechnical report.

17.   The north portion of the property is graded to drain off-site onto the property to the north, which is a change in drainage flow from the existing condition.


1.      Please be advised that a Pre-Construction meeting and Site Development fees will be required for this project. 

a.      Notice to Proceed on this project will not be issued until after the Pre-construction meeting with Public Services and all required documentation, licenses, permits and fees have been received by Public Services Civil Engineering. 

b.      The City of St. Cloud Site Development fee for greater than 2 acres is $2,000 + 4% of engineer?s cost estimate OR for less than 2 acre is $1,000 + 4% of engineer?s cost estimate.  Provide the engineer?s cost estimate for review after receipt of the DRC approval and prior to submittal of the check.

c.      Contact Public Services at 407-957-7347 to schedule the Pre-Construction meeting after receipt of the DRC approval.

2.      Please provide a copy of the Osceola County, SFWMD, FDEP water and FDEP wastewater permits to Public Services after receipt of the DRC approval


Mr. Davis acknowledged all of the conditions.


Mr. Young stated that he did not know if the 6? PVC sanitary was in City property or not? Mr. Clough informed Mr. Young that he addressed that conditional comment under Lines Division, condition # 9.


Mr. Young asked if he was required to have a dumpster.  Ms. McCormick stated that the plans showed a dumpster enclosure. If they are not going to have a dumpster enclosure, they will have to include a note on the revised plans specifying that trash cans will be used instead.  


CONCURRENCY MANAGEMENT                                        

MARTY HOBBS 407-957-7285


1.      The submitted application indicates installation of a 1? potable water meter.  Water and sewer impact fees are based on the water meter size and the ERU equivalent for that particular meter size.  A 1? water meter is equivalent to 1.67 ERU.

2.      The total water and sewer impact fees for this project are estimated to be as follows:

Water = $4,273.26

Sewer = $4,818.75

Installation of a ¾? water meter rather than a 1? should be sufficient for the proposed use and would reduce the amount of the water and sewer impact fee.

3.      The following reservation fees have been estimated for this project and must be submitted prior to issuance of a Certificate of Capacity by the Planning Department:

Water Reservation = $835.00

Sewer Reservation = $1,670.00

Additional impact fees may be assessed at the time of building permit issuance.

4.      The balance of the water and sewer impact fees, along with applicable tap fees, must be submitted prior to issuance of water and sewer taps for the project.

5.      Transportation Impact fees are assessed based on the actual use of the structure. The information included on the application is insufficient for making a determination regarding a use classification.  Please provide an informational narrative explaining the specifics of the use or contact Marty Hobbs, Impact Fee Coordinator at (407) 957-7285 or via email to for discussion.

Based on additional information provided by the applicant, the ?use? classification will be ?Office Space?.  Office space is assessed at a rate of $2,643 per each 1,000 sq ft of floor space for a total transportation impact fee estimate of $8,299. 


Mr. Davis acknowledged the information.


LINES DIVISION                                                                

COREY CLOUGH 407-957-7222


1.      A minimum 15 foot (15?) wide utility easement is required centered over the water main, fire hydrants and up to the water meters if placed outside of the right of way.

2.      All necessary paperwork for dedication to the City of required Utility Easements must be received prior to release of water meters for the property.  Required documentation for all Utility Easements includes at a minimum suitable easement document, legal description and sketch of the easement, and a Certificate of Title for the parent parcel dated no more than 15 days prior to receipt of the easement paperwork.

3.      Get a FDEP determination for the proposed fire hydrant. A permit should not be required, if so the permits for the city of St. Cloud can be found at

4.      Show the jumper and all water sample point locations (if needed by request of an FDEP permit)

5.      Any required changes from Osceola County that may alter these plans will require an additional review by the City of St. Cloud and may require revisions to the plans submitted.

6.      Approved plans from Osceola County must be submitted to the City of St. Cloud prior to scheduling a preconstruction meeting.

7.      Add a cover sheet to the plans.

8.      Add a 6? wet tap gate valve where the fire hydrant will be tapped into the existing water main. Do not remove the valve for the fire hydrant as a replacement.

9.      The sanitary sewer connection- remove from coring into the manhole and a sewer tap to the existing main. Have the sewer line straight from tie in to right of way. Add a 6? cleanout at right of way.

10.   Remove the bend from the fire hydrant line, keep it a straight line.

11.   Tap water services separately off the existing 6? water main.

12.   Add current city of St. Cloud general note and details. Remove any details from the plan that are not current.


1.      If the Fire Marshall has any additional request, these comments may change to reflect request.

2.      During the DRC meeting, additional comments may arise.

3.      A pre construction meeting will need to be completed prior to any site work. This can be scheduled through Public Services after approval of DRC case. The contact phone number is 407-957-7347.

4.      Irrigation permitting is a separate permit and can be obtained through Public Services by contacting 407-957-7344 for assistance.

5.       A temporary construction water meter can be leased by contacting Public Services at 407-957-7344.


Mr. Davis acknowledged the conditions.


Mr. Clough asked if there was going to be any cooking on site. Mr. Young informed Mr. Clough that there will be no cooking on site.


FIRE DEPARTMENT                                                                  

DAVE ENNIS 407-957-8484


1.      Approval of this case will not cause an adverse affect on fire rescue department operations.

2.      During construction, when combustibles are brought on to the site in such quantities as  deemed hazardous by the fire official, access roads and a suitable supply of water, acceptable to the fire department, shall be provided and maintained.  Completion of the base installation, including the appropriate tack coating and sanding, shall be considered sufficient for vehicular access.  The following requirements must be met before water is made available to the site: (LDC 16E)

A.  A clearance letter from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (F.D.E.P.) to place a public drinking water facility into service;  

B.  A fire flow test by the St. Cloud Fire Department with results verifying minimum specifications have been met.

3.   With the information provided it appears the required fire flow will be 1500 GPM.

4.   The cover sheet states an occupancy load of 220 people by design. With the information provided for the site plan it appears this number could exceed 300 depending on the building design. This will be addressed with the building plans.


Mr. David acknowledged the information and will revise the table on the plans.



LORI WALL 407-518-2916


·        No Impact on Public Schools


PARKS & RECREATION                                                             

KIM DUFFY 407-957-7189


1.      Sheet L-1 shows the removal of:

·      One (1) 26? Live Oak (Quercus virginiana)

·      One (1) 22? Water Oak (Quercus nigra)

·      One (1) 24? Laurel Oak (Quercus laurifolia)

·      Two (2) 6? Oaks; which were identified as Camphor (Cinnamomum camphora)

It is in the best interest of the City to retain as many valuable trees as possible. The Arborist has evaluated the 26? Live Oak, to be the only existing tree of value for this site. Please submit a written justification why this tree shall be removed and site adjustments cannot be made.

2.      Sheet L-1 shows the saving of:

·      Two (2) 8? Laurel Oaks (Quercus laurifolia)

·      Two (2) 12? Laurel Oaks (Quercus laurifolia)

·      Two (2) 8? Laurel Oaks (Quercus laurifolia)

These trees have been evaluated as poor and shall be removed. Please show replacement trees at a ratio up to two-for-one on Sheet L-1. Please identify these replacements within the notes as meeting mitigation requirements and described within the TREE & SHRUB SCHEDULE.

3.      Sheet L-2 briefly mentions Tree Barricades. Please add a detail or reference Section 8.3.2. within the notes.

4.      Please remove all of the OSCEOLA CODE NOTES on Sheet L-2.

5.      Please revise Landscape Specifications note #16 on Sheet L-2. The department of Parks & Recreation does not understand the sole responsibility to notify ?Candy?.

6.      Please revise Landscape Specifications note # 27 on Sheet L-2 to add the City of St. Cloud prior to the final landscape inspections.

7.      All buffer widths and/or landscaping requirements shall be in accordance of I-2 zoning.

·      Please make revisions to the buffers along 17th Street and Orange Avenue.

·      Please show additional trees, within the buffer, along the proposed retention pond.

·      Please show I-2 green-space calculations on Sheet L-1.

·      Please review proposed numbers of required trees (spacing requirements).

8.      Additional trees are required, within the buffer, along the North property. Please recognize the dumpster location and do not propose large trees nearby.

9.      Additional trees are required, within the buffer, along the West property.

10.   Please replace the proposed Live Oak trees, shown within the buffer, along 17th Street. At maturity these trees will impact the existing overhead utilities.

11.   Please shift the proposed Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) trees further North (center of the medians). If not shifted, at maturity, these trees will impact the existing overhead utilities.

12.   Please change ¼ of the proposed Crape Myrtle (Lagerstromia indica) trees to another species of tree.

13.   Landscaping (using curbing or wheelstops) is required to be protected; in accordance to internal landscaping regulations unless they are designed as part of the on-site retention and recharge areas. Please make necessary changes on Sheet L-1.

14.   Please revise the TREE & SHRUB SCHEDULE       on Sheet L-1.

·      Numbers of trees/plants and sod square footage are outstanding

·      Trees/plants descriptions are unclear (such as: standard or multi-trunk)

·      Trees are described; however, are not proposed on the drawing. Please remove them if they are not to be used.

15.   Please revise the GENERAL NOTES on Sheet L-1.

·      No tree or shrub shall be planted in such a manner that at the time of planting the base of the _______ is within three feet of any public sidewalk or bike for small trees or five feet for larges trees. Please review this note and make necessary changes.

·      All lighting to be on building & shall not shine to adjacent property. Please remove this note from Sheet L-1.

16.   Please change the scale from Architect to Engineer.

17.   Signage may be blocked by proposed vegetation. Please make necessary changes to avoid this occurrence.


·        Sheet C-4 shows the erosion silt fence to be installed in accordance to Florida requirements. Please stake; do not trench the material into the ground adjacent to the neighboring trees (proposed retention pond). This will be discussed at the pre-construction meeting.


Mr. Davis and Mr. Young acknowledged all of the conditions.


Mr. Young wanted to know what Ms. Duffy meant by changing ¼ of the proposed Crape Myrtle trees to another species of Trees. Mr. Van Tassel explained to Mr. Young that the City Arborist is asking for variation of trees.


Mr. Davis asked if he could use the existing trees located on the abutting property along the retention pond as part of their buffer. Mr. Van Tassel explained to Mr. Davis that they must provide their own landscape buffers.


LICENSING DEPARTMENT                                           

REBECCA PENDER 407-957-7297


·        No comments


2.  Case # 13-65.01 ? Crossfit Panoply

2004 Jaffa Drive, Unit B & C

Parking Determination


Applicant: Guy Samuelson

PLANNING DEPARTMENT                                              

MARIA LEWICKA 407-957-8428


·        No conditions


BUILDING DEPARTMENT                                                          

BOB WOOD 407-957-7266


·        No Comments.


LINES DIVISION                                                              

COREY CLOUGH 407-957-7222


·        No comments


FIRE DEPARTMENT                                                                  

DAVE ENNIS 407-957-8484


·        The Fire Rescue Department has determined the maximum occupancy to be 47 with the information provided.



LORI WALL 407-518-2916


·        No Impact on Public Schools for gym parking


POLICE DEPARTMENT                                                     

SGT. KIRK ZILKE 407-891-6722


·        No comments.





1. Chick-fil-A First 100 Event

4360 13th Street

DRC Special Event Minor


Applicant: Matt Wills, representative on behalf of Chick-fil-A


Mr. Wills is to resubmit a revised application modifying the starting time and date. Also, a revised site plan showing the event on Chick-fil-A?s site and the section for the participants parking area.


2.  Minutes: May 23, 2013


The minutes were approved by the DRC Members.






If a person decides to appeal any decision made by the Committee/Board, with respect to any matter considered at such hearing/meeting, such person will need a record of the proceedings and that, for this purpose, such person may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based, and which record is not provided by the City of St. Cloud. (FS 286.0105) In accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, persons needing assistance to participate in any of these proceedings should contact the secretary/Clerk of the Committee/Board listed below, prior to the meeting (FS286.26) Nancy Medina, DRC Secretary; 1300 9th Street; St. Cloud, FL 34769; (407) 957-7255 or via email to



Respectfully submitted:



Jennifer Giannuzzi, AICP, Chairman                                         Date



Nancy Medina, DRC Secretary                                                 Date



Dennis Ragsdale, AICP, Growth Mgt Svcs Administrator                       Date