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DATE OF MEETING:      July 1, 2004


LOCATION:                   1300 9th Street - 1st Floor – DRC Conference Room; St. Cloud


CALL TO ORDER:         2:00 P.M.


CHAIRMAN:                  David Nearing, Planning/Zoning Director


SECRETARY:               Megan Berkau, Acting DRC Secretary



Dave Nearing                 Todd Swingle                 Mark Luthie                   Major Holliday

Dave Ennis                    John Groenendaal          Ron Trowell                   Angelo Perri

Veronica Witol               Sue Boblett




1.         Case #4-79.01 – Lakefront Park

                                                Lakefront Park

                                                Site Plan (Major)


Mr. John Dollar and Ms. Kristin Korkki were present to represent the application.




1.         The west trail head driveway cut at Lakeshore Blvd. will require an Osceola County right-of-way permit.

2.         The east trail head parallel parking adjacent to Lakeshore Blvd. will require an Osceola County right-of-         way permit.

3.         The proposed driveway cuts at Massachusetts Ave., Pennsylvania Ave., and Florida Ave. will require an        Osceola County right-of-way permit.

4.         It may be advisable to eliminate the large curbed landscaped areas in the middle of the boat basin   parking lot in order to facilitate special events.

5.         From our experience in maintaining the retention areas along the Lakefront, it is recommended the pond bottom be no lower than 59.00 feet to allow for mowing of the ponds during the lake’s high stage which is regulated at 58.00 feet.

6.         When is the intended date of construction start up and what is the duration of the project?




1.                   Please give total acreage of park so that transportation impact fees can be assessed at the park rate.  Currently they are $160.00 per acre.  However, effective Oct. 1, 2994 they will $398.05 per acre. 

2.                   Please give total area of park that is currently being used so that I may assess a credit.

3.                   Please give total sf of any existing building.

4.                   Please provide total number of boat slips in the marina and the total number of existing boat slips so that I may assess a credit for these.  I believe there are 42 currently existing and there will be a total of 142 boat slips.

5.                   Transportation impact fees for each boat slip is $293.00.  Effective Oct. 1, 2004, the new transportation impact fee will be $773.00 per berth.

6.                   Please give sf of every new structure including pavilions etc.

7.                   A Certificate of Capacity approved by City Council shall be required prior to receiving a Notice to Proceed.

8.                   All of the above comments must be addressed prior to scheduling this item for a Certificate of Capacity.


1.                   A list of all impact fees is available from the Planning & Zoning Department upon request.




1.                   Add note to all existing water and sewer services that are not to be utilized to be removed and capped off at the main.

2.                   Sheet C202: Provide an 8” tee, 8”x6” increaser and 8” pipe up to the fire hydrant assembly.

3.                   Sheet C202: Change the 45 degree bend to show a 90 degree bend.

4.                   Sheet C202/203: Identify the existing reclaimed water main location.

5.                   Sheet C203: Describe the fire line backflow preventer as a detector check type.

6.                   Sheet C203: Add a reduced pressure3 backflow preventer to the 2” domestic water meter.

7.                   Identify the sanitary sewer manhole structures with the City assigned numbers. Please use numbers 233 & 234.

8.                   Sheet C203: Show the complete limits of construction up to the existing 6” water main on Cypress St. to include all existing utilities.

9.                   Sheet C203: Include profiles of all water, sewer, reclaimed water and storm crossings.

10.               Sheet C203: Show the location of the existing 2” water service and ad note to remove and abandon prior to construction.

11.               Sheet C203: An open-cut of lakeshore Blvd. is preferred over a directional bore as shown.

12.               Sheet C203: Indicate the removal and re-location of the existing 6” reclaimed water meter.

13.               Sheet IR601: The 2” backflow preventer shown on the 1-1/2” reclaimed water meter is not required and may be removed. 

14.               Provide Hydraulic Analysis reports on the water and reclaimed water systems.




1.         A stable access and water supply is needed for the dock area. ( NFPA 303- 4.3.4) An additional hydrant may be required.


2.                   Move hydrant near building to area near entrance.

3.                   Move hydrant on page c-202 east to parking lot entrance.


4.                   Where is the FDC planned?

5.                   Before and during construction, when combustibles are brought onto the site in such quantities as deemed hazardous by the fire official, paved roads to provide access for fire vehicles and a suitable water

6.         Fire hydrants in commercial, industrial, and high-density residential areas shall be spaced no greater than three hundred fifty (350) feet apart and shall be connected to mains no less than eight (8) inches in diameter.  In addition, hydrants shall be located so that the radius of one hundred seventy five (175) feet from the hydrant shall strike a portion of the structure, as well as strike the same radius of the next hydrant on the property. The required distance between all hydrants shall be measured along the road right-of-way and shall not be measured across private property not designated and used as a road right-of-way. No individual hydrant shall be designed to deliver more than 1000 GPM of required fire flow.  (L.D.C. 7.9.2.b.1)




1.         OUC will relocate or remove any power poles, anchors or underground electric at no cost to the project.  Please contact Angelo Perri (407) 957-7231 for relocations.

2.         The parking lot lights and street lights will be relocated or removed by the OUC Street Light Division.  Please contact and send plans to Development Services as soon as possible so a Lighting Engineer can be assigned to the project.  Any questions about lighting, please contact Sharon Schmidt, Business Lighting Analyst (407) 737-4234, Cell (321) 235-5829, Fax (407) 737-4234.

3.         OUC can provide parking lot and street lights for this project.  Please contact Development services.

4.         Please send all site and electric information to OUC Development Services.

            OUC Development Services                    (407) 236-9652, Fax (407) 236-9628

            500 South Orange Avenue                      email:

            P.O. Box 3193

            Orlando, FL  32801



1.                   Please redesign parallel parking to be 10’x23’.

2.                   Please redesign parking rows on sheet C203.  All parking rows shall be separated by a continuous landscaped dividing strip.  A minimum width of 4 feet shall be maintained between the backs of all required curbing.  Where wheel stops are used, the length of the parking stall may be reduced to 18’ if the dividing strip is widened to 8’.  A variance may be possible.

3.                   If Public Works recommendation of eliminating large curbed landscaped areas in boat basin parking lot is desired, a variance will be required.

4.                   Trees south of the parking areas shall be placed every 25 linear feet, or fraction thereof.  Since Live Oaks are being used, Staff would support a variance to have them placed every 50’.

5.                   Please submit appropriate application and supporting letter for any variances.

6.                   Please add hedges south of parking areas.  Hedge shall be at least 2’ in height immediately upon planting with expected growth to be 2-1/2 feet in height within 1 year of planting.  Said landscape treatment shall be a solid screen with final growth height to be four feet.

7.                   Please identify the species of the existing tree on page L501.

8.                   Building area is 16,350sf.  Based ONLY on square footage this would require 82 parking spaces.  However please give the square feet of ground area devoted to use.  OR please give the number of persons this facility is designed to accommodate at maximum capacity, and 1 space shall be required per every 3 persons.

9.                   Bicycle parking shall equal 25% of the required parking.

10.               Please give timeline of phases and identify on plans what each phase includes.


11.               Revised plans must be submitted within sixty (60) days of this review.  Revised plans submitted after the allotted time frame will require a new application including payment of additional fees.

12.               All submitted plans must be folded at the time of submittal.  Rolled plans will not be accepted.