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City of St. Cloud

Development Review Committee

Regular Agenda





MEETING DATE:                       June 16, 2005                TIME:  2:00 P.M.


LOCATION:                              1300 9th Street – 1st Floor Conference Room



1.                   Case #5-1.11 – Friday Night Live (June Event)

Pennsylvania Ave & 11th Street

Special Event (Major)


2.                   Case #5-65.01 – St. Cloud East Commercial Center (Planner: Veronica Witol)

SW Corner Old Hickory Tree & Irlo Bronson Mem. Hwy.

Final Plat


3.                   Case #5-65.02 – St. Cloud East Commercial Center (Planner: Veronica Witol)

SW Corner Old Hickory Tree & Irlo Bronson Mem. Hwy.

Rezoning (AG to HB)


4.                   Case #5-64.01 – Canoe Creek/Landstar (Planner: John Groenendaal)

NE Corner Canoe Creek & Deer Run



5.                   Case #3-16.14 – Indian Lakes, Phase 7 (Planner: Veronica Witol)

Michigan Avenue

Subdivision Construction Plans


6.                   Case #4-32.06 – Deer Creek, Phase 3 (Planner: John Groenendaal)

W of Canoe Creek Rd; ¼ mile N of Old Canoe Creek Rd

PUD Zoning & Preliminary Master Plan


7.                   Case #5-63.01 – Q & S Holdings  (Planner: Veronica Witol)

N of 17th Street; W of St. Cloud Hospital

Rezoning (I-2 to P)


8.                   Case #4-31.06 – Oak Ridge (a/k/a Lorenz Estates) (Planner: John Groenendaal)

NW corner Canoe Creek Rd & Old Canoe Creek Rd

Abandon Right-of-Way


9.                   Case #4-86.04 – Scott Stewart (Nova Road) (Planner: Veronica Witol)

1855 Nora Tyson Road

Zoning (AG) / LUA (LDR)


10.               Case #4-86.05 – Frank Statler (Nova Road) (Planner: Veronica Witol)

Nova Road/Vacant

Zoning (HB) / LUA (COMM)


11.               Case #4-86.06 – Deodat Jamnz (Nova Road) (Planner: Veronica Witol)

Nova Road/Vacant

Zoning (R-1B) / LUA (LDR)


12.               Case #4-86.07 – W.J. Newman (Nova Road) (Planner: Veronica Witol)

Nova Road/vacant

Zoning (HB) / LUA (COMM)

Page 2, DRC Workshop Agenda – June 9, 2005





13.               Case #4-86.08 – Binz Patel (Nova Road) (Planner: Veronica Witol)

1925 Nora Tyson Road

Zoning (R-1B) / LUA (LDR)


14.               Case #4-86.09 – Christopher Scott (Nova Road) (Planner: Veronica Witol)

4975 E. Irlo Bronson Hwy.

Zoning (HB) / LUA (COMM)


15.               Case #4-86.10 – Lou Kirk (Nova Road) (Planner: Veronica Witol)

Nova Road/Vacant

Zoning (HB) / LUA (COMM)


16.               Case #4-86.11 – Al Bernetti (Nova Road) (Planner: Veronica Witol)

4960 Bernetti Place

Zoning (PUD) / LUA (COMM & LDR)























If a person decides to appeal any decision made by the Committee/Board, with respect to any matter considered at such hearing/meeting, such person will need a record of the proceedings and that, for this purpose, such person may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based, and which record is not provided by the City of St. Cloud. (FS 286.0105) In accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, persons needing assistance to participate in any of these proceedings should contact the secretary/Clerk of the Committee/Board listed below, prior to the meeting (FS286.26) Marty Hobbs