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DATE OF MEETING:      March 7, 2005


LOCATION:                   1300 9th Street - 1st Floor – DRC Conference Room; St. Cloud


CALL TO ORDER:         1:00 P.M.


CHAIRMAN:                  David Nearing, Planning/Zoning Director


SECRETARY:               Marty Hobbs, Development Officer



Chief Lewis                    Kristin Caborn                Ron Trowell                   Sue Boblett

Dave Ennis                    Tommy Howes               Mark Luthie                   Paul G. Kaskey

Lt. Shephard                  Bob MacKichan             Veronica Witol               Tom Hurt

Rick Mauro                    John Groenendaal





1.         Case #5-1.14 – St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Downtown St. Cloud

Special Event (Major)


Ms. Theresa O’Doherty was present to represent the application.  She explained that this would be a 3 day event planned to be held inside O’Doherty’s.  She also noted that she planned to have alcohol outside on the patio on the 17th and 18th and she wanted to make sure that would be OK with the City.  She noted that she would try to keep things under control.


Mr. Kaskey noted that the alcohol served on the 17th and 18th was a separate issue from the parade.  He then asked if there were plans to have a beer tent and if an alcohol permit would be needed by the City.


Mr. Nearing explained that if the beer tent was on private property, no special permit from the City would be needed.


Police Chief Kelly noted that as long as no one was drinking outside the awning area, it wouldn’t be an issue but if someone went outside that area with an alcoholic beverage, there would be a problem.


Ms. O’Doherty noted that she had no doubt that would happen and that was one of the reasons she was asking approval for three days.


Police Chief Kelly noted that he did not think the state could approve sale/service of alcohol for public property.


Mr. Kaskey noted that it didn’t appear that there was anything for the City to do for the 17th & 18th aside from the alcohol issue.


Mr. Nearing explained that more than anything it would be a Police Department issue.


Police Chief Kelly noted concern about too many people being inside.  He asked if the City would be responsible if someone fell outside the building and the issue was briefly discussed.


Ms. O’Doherty introduced the Committee members to Mr. Robert Augustine.


Mr. Kaskey noted that the issue of the 17th and 18th was resolved and the only thing left to took at was the parade to be held on the 19th.


Ms. O’Doherty noted that the parade had grown substantially from the original plan.


Page 2, Special DRC Meeting – 03/07/05



The location for a staging area was briefly discussed with Ms. O’Doherty noting that there would be around 13 floats and a total of about 35 overall entries.




1.         No comments.




1.         The Penn. Ave. route may be under construction beginning in February or early March.  We do not have a definitive schedule at this time.  However we caution the applicant to propose an alternate route in the event that Penn. Ave. is under construction.  We will keep the applicant informed of the construction schedule when we know more.               


Mr. Luthie noted that the revised route would resolve this issue and that his comment could be removed.




1.         No comment.




1.         The temporary blocking of the intersections will effect the tactical operations of the fire rescue department by causing a delay in response.  In view of the positive community-wide effects expected from this event and the fire rescue department’s close proximity to the area, the fire rescue department will temporarily augment its standard response to negate the obstacles presented by this special event.

2.         Blocking of intersections shall be done using removable barricades and manned when possible. 12th street and New York shall be manned at all times.

3.         All fire protection equipment; building exits and other safety features shall remain accessible.


Fire Marshall Ennis noted that New York Avenue would need to remain open except for the barricades.  He explained that he must be able to get through in case of an emergency.


Fire Marshall Ennis asked what the seating capacity would be for the event.


Ms. O’Doherty noted that it would be the original number with the overflow being directed to the patio outside under the awning.


Barricades for the event were discussed with Mr. Luthie noting that the applicant would need to contact the County.


Ms. O’Doherty explained that she had contacted the County but they had referred her back to the City.


Mr. Luthie noted that he would probably be able to provide enough to close off the street.


Ms. O’Doherty asked if Friday Night Live provided there own barricades.


Mr. Luthie noted that Osceola County Road & Bridge has always provided them.


Mr. Kaskey noted that staff would need to know who would be setting and removing them.


Police Chief Kelly explained that there would probably need to be at least two off duty officers at the event and Ms. O’Doherty agreed.


Police Chief Kelly asked if the parking lot next to the VFW was a municipal parking lot.


Mr. Kaskey explained that the area behind the old PD building was municipal but that there was just an agreement with the VFW that allow sharing of the parking on that side of their building.

Page 3, Special DRC Meeting – 03/07/05



Ms. O’Doherty noted that she had spoken with the VFW and they had given her verbal permission to use their parking lot.  She noted that she had also spoken with the owners of the Cobblestone Restaurant and that they intend to participate in the event.




1.         No comment.




1.                   Special Event Application is incomplete and/or inaccurate.  Must resubmit with following information

·         Alcohol Sales or Service is checked NO but attached paper indicates a beer truck for beer garden

·         Duration of event is listed at 11/2 hours but attached paper requested blocking New York Ave at 10th. St. AFTER  parade.

·         Application states that Parade Route will be covered by Volunteers; it is required in the downtown area from 9th. St. to 12th. St. and back to use DOT Approved Barricades at each intersection.


2.                   Re-submit application with proper outline of events including entertainment, food, alcohol sales and facilities being used. 

3.                   Contact area businesses that would be affected by blocking off New York Ave.  Receive permission if needed to use VFW parking lot.

4.                   Prepare for alcohol use to be in a restricted contained area that is monitored.


5.         Depending on type and size of event a police officer may be needed.


Police Chief Kelly advised the applicant that someone would need to be present at the beer garden to control people from leaving the designated area with alcohol.


Ms. O’Doherty explained how the area would be fenced and contained by net fencing.


Mr. Kaskey asked if the beer stands, beer garden and beer truck would all be under one permit for alcohol.


Mr. O’Doherty explained that it would cover all outside sales.


Mr. Kaskey asked what the hours would be and Ms. O’Doherty explained that the event would run from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m.


Mr. Nearing explained that the Main Street events have been stopping at 10:00 p.m. and had been very successful.


Police Chief Kelly explained that the areas needed to be manned to make sure people didn’t leave those areas designated for consumption with any alcohol.




1.         All residents/business owners along the proposed parade route must be notified of the street closures a minimum of ten days prior to the event.


2.         As a DRC approved special Event, the applicant is authorized to utilize off-site signage to advertise and/or direct traffic for the event.  Please be advised that all signage must be placed so as to prevent visual obstruction to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, must be free standing and may be utilized beginning one week prior to the event.  All signage must be removed the day following the final day of the event.




Page 4, Special DRC Meeting – 03/07/05





1.                   I have no conditions since they did not request anything from us.


2.                   Lakeshore Boat Basin Parking lot will be closed due to construction.


Mr. Kaskey asked if the City’s stage was going to be used.


Ms. O’Doherty noted that she had spoken with Mr. Howes and requested it.


Mr. Howes asked if it was going to be used just for the parade.


Ms. O’Doherty explained that she would need it all day on Saturday.


Ms. Caborn explained that the stage would be available on Saturday but that she could not provide staff for the full day.


Ms. O’Doherty explained that she would need it for the events taking place after the parade.


Mr. Kaskey advised Ms. O’Doherty that she would have to pay for rental of the stage, off duty police officers, etc.


Ms. O’Doherty noted that this was going to be a City event and not an O’Doherty’s event.


Ms. Caborn again noted that the stage itself was not going to be a problem but that she might need to borrow staff from other departments to assist at a cost of $25 per person.


Police Chief Kelly noted that he would have two uniformed officer stationed during the parade and one during the evening events.


Ms. Caborn noted that she would find manning for the stage.  She asked Ms. O’Doherty to let her know how many chairs would be needed and advised her that she would have to pay for any that were not returned.


The sign-off needed for the alcohol was discussed.




1.         Must provide acceptable Certificate of Insurance based on City “Vendor Handout” to be provided by the hosting department.  Certificate shall be by ACORD form or signed Department Director waiver documents, and provided to the hosting Department contact no later than 10 days prior to the event.  Department contact will confirm adequate/acceptable coverage or address with vendor, and forward a copy of the final Director/Department approved certificate to Risk Management.


Insurance needs were briefly discussed with Ms. Boblett noting that there had been some confusion regarding who was responsible for receiving and confirming coverage and apologized for that confusion.  She noted that she would provide Ms. O’Doherty with the documentation she needed.


Mr. Kaskey asked how many people were expected to attend the event and Ms. O’Doherty explained that she expected around 2,000 on Saturday.


There was no further discussion.


ADJOURNMENT:           The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 p.m.