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DATE OF MEETING:      November 16, 2006                   


LOCATION:                   1300 9th Street - 1st Floor – DRC Conference Room; St. Cloud


CALL TO ORDER:         2:00 P.M.


CHAIRMAN:                  David Nearing, Director of Planning and Zoning


SECRETARY:               Michelle Orton, Development Coordinator



Ken Peck                      Ron Trowell                   Mark Luthie                   Rick Mauro

Cindy Spanglo               Eric VanTassel              Ted Kozak                     John Groenendaal


1.                   Case #07-1.05 – St. Cloud Chamber Holiday Parade(Michelle Orton, Development Coordinator)


Special Event


Violet Misangyi, David Lane and Robert Bass were present to represent the application.




1.         Temporary electrical wiring shall comply with the National Electrical Code (NEC) 2005 Article 525. Note:

Temporary wiring shall be ground-fault protected. Multi-conductor cord shall originate in an approved power outlet or panelboard and be of the type identified in Table 400.4 for hard usage or extra hard usage. Receptacles shall be the grounding type.

Lamps shall be protected from accidental contact or breakage. Electrical cords shall be protected from damage and shall be placed so as to prevent trip hazards.

When receptacles are installed on flexible cords/cables and exposed to weather or in wet locations, they shall be in a weatherproof enclosure.

2.         If tents over 300 sq. ft. are used they shall comply with the Florida Building Code 2004 (FBC) Section

3103.1 and Chapter 10, Means of Egress. Certification of flame resistance shall be filed with the building department prior to a permit being issued.

3.         Tent exits, aisles, seating, etc. shall conform to assembly occupancy. All exits shall be kept free of obstructions while tent is occupied by the public.


Mr. Lane noted that they didn’t have any concerns with Building Department’s comments.




1.         No Comments.




1.         No comments.




1.         No comments.




1.         The temporary blocking of the intersections will effect the tactical operations of the fire rescue department by causing a delay in response. In view of the positive community-wide effects expected from this event and the fire rescue department’s close proximity to the area, the fire rescue department will temporarily augment its standard response to negate the obstacles presented by this special event.

2.         Blocking of intersections shall be done using removable barricades and manned when possible.

3.         All fire protection equipment; building exits and other safety features shall remain accessible.



1.         No comment.


Mr. Lane noted the blocking of intersections and that they understand about the barricades and protecting the streets and the handicap curb cuts.




1.         All handicap curb cuts are to remain open and accessible.

2.         All residents/business owners to be notified in writing of the intent to close streets a minimum of ten days prior to the event.


3.         While not a condition of this approval, Planning continues to have concerns over the practice of tossing candy from the floats. Staff appreciates your cooperation in advising participants that candy should be handed out along the parade route rather than being tossed from the vehicles.


Ms. Misangyi indicated that they have spoken to the participants regarding the candy issue at their workshop last night.  They instructed them not to throw candy but extend candy.  They have met with many people and have given them this instruction but they would also like to encourage the elected officials to also do the same thing.


4.         As a DRC approved special Event, the applicant is authorized to utilize off-site signage to advertise and/or direct traffic for the event. Please be advised that all signage must be placed so as to prevent visual obstruction to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, must be free standing and may be utilized beginning one week prior to the event. All signage must be removed the day following the final day of the event.

5.         Please note that applications must be submitted 8 weeks prior to the event.

6.         Unlike Osceola County, requests to close City streets, such as 10th Street or Lakeshore Boulevard, do not require any action by the City Council. All such requests are to be made to the DRC, which will inform Council of the closures. All residents along these streets must be notified at least 7 days before the event by use of door flyers or some similar means. All barricades must be manned to permit residents on the closed streets to enter or exit their street as needed, except while the parade prohibits such movements. The City has a very limited number of barricades, and therefore, you will need to find a source to cover all of your needs.


Mr. Nearing noted that he would like to stress the information on #6.  He indicated that it is new but that they need to request closure of the roads to DRC.  It will need to made a part of the DRC application.


Mr. Lane noted that they did submit to the city.


Ms. Misangyi noted that the letters will be delivered to the property owners that are affected.


Mr. Lane noted that they will not only deliver a letter but also a 2 sided brochure with the entire street outlined and on the other side there will be details on the change in the route.


Mr. Bass wanted to know if they can have people camp out or if it was possible for them to rope off or block the portion of the Lakefront for safety reason.


Mr. Nearing indicated that the Lakeshore Park would be closed.

Mr. Lane indicated that they do not need to rope it off but that they would be coming down early in order to occupy it as an administrative spot for elected officials to stop.  He noted that they will only need it until 10:00 am.


Mr. Nearing noted that it is a first come first serve.




1.         You must fill out a form at the Parks and Recreation Department prior to any approval of using City Facilities for events or functions.


1.         All facilities and/or equipment are reserved on a “first come, first serve” basis. Please contact the Parks

& Recreation Dept. at (407) 957-7243 as soon as possible to reserve what will be needed for your event and availability. Equipment rental and set-up fees may be applicable to your event. Contact Tommy Howes at the Parks and Recreation Dept. at (407) 957-7246 to coordinate cost of applicable rental and set-up fees. A complete Facility Reservation Form must be provided at the DRC Review Conference prior to final approval of application.

2.         We can provide the bleacher by the VFW. Please make sure that the area where it is going all the vehicles are out of the area.

3.         We will not be able to give you the stage because it will already be set up that morning on New York and 11th Street for the Craft Festival.

4.         Here is an option. We can provide our indoor stage say 12’x8’ to set up but you will be required to pay for the over-time for staff

5.         Where do you want the sound system set up at? What time do you need that person down there?

6.         We will drop off the (4) 6’ tables and (12) metal chairs at City Hall that morning.

7.         Labor cost estimate is around $600.00 for the set up and break down.

8.         Where do you plan on the location of the stage if you are going to use it?


Mr. Lane noted that there are a few items that they need to respond too.  They indicted that they have talked with Jay Bemiller and he has attended some of their meetings and will be doing the video taping as he’s done in the past and in the same manner.  They will have 3 cameras set up on City Hall property.  He would have access to the power box which is outside and will take care of that.  Mr. Bemiller will also handle all of the audio requirements.  In regards to the bleachers, he noted that they would like to have them as in years past at the VFW and the second stage a portable stage.


Mr. Nearing wanted to know if they had written permission from the VFW.


Mr. Lane indicated that they did not have written permission but that they will.




1.         Vendor must provide acceptable Certificates of Insurance via ACORD form or sign waiver documents, no later than 10 days prior to the event. If the vendor does not carry Florida Worker’s Compensation insurance, an Exemption certificate must be attached to submitted insurance certificates.

2.         A Hold Harmless Agreement must be signed by a representative 10 days prior to the event


3.         For additional information contact Risk Management at 407.957.7205 or go to 1300 Ninth Street (Bldg B Floor 3.)

4.         Information should be e mailed or faxed to or 407.957.7205 Fax: 407-957-8416.


Mr. Bass wanted to know if they had made the request that no garage sale permits be issued from Mississippi to Columbia.


Mr. Lane noted that those streets are on the parade route and it will create a problem.


Mr. Bass indicated that some people take advantage of the problem with the influx of people.


Mr. Peck wanted to know if they were going up Pennsylvania Avenue, if the barricades were going to be from Florida to Kentucky.


Mr. Bass noted that he understood people will come down Cypress to Florida and head south and then travel around that direction.


There was discussion of garage sales during the parade and the traffic.


Mr. Nearing suggested that they coordinate with Mr. Trowell.

Mr. Bass wanted to know if there would be an issue with the restarurant.


Mr. Lane noted that they will only impact them until 11:00 and that they will quickly make that up.


Mr. VanTassel wanted to know if they are planning on using the parking lot.


Mr. Bass noted that they will not be able to use the parking lot because the roads will be closed and it will only be used for staging.


Mr. Nearing suggested that they request for information on the City scroll stating information regarding the boat launch and a suggestion of use to Chisolm Park.  That perhaps they need to get with the Rotary and find out whether or not the fishermen will need to change their boat launch location.


Mr. Peck indicated that they could get with Mr. Bemiller for the scroll.


Mr. Luthie wanted to know if they wanted to end the parade with street sweepers.  He wanted to know if they were going to have any horses because they would be required to clean up after them.


Mr. Lane indicated that they have to get a state certificate that will handle that.  He noted that the key thing will be to sweep up that day if not that day then the next morning.


Mr. Luthie noted that Monday will be the regular schedule but they try to get them out after the parades.



            The DRC recommended approval.


2.                   Case #07-28.01 – Jefferson Green at Anthem Park (John Groenendaal, Senior Planner)

West of Kissimmee Park Road, adjacent to the Turnpike

Final Plat


Turner Wallis from Johnston’s Surveying was present to represent the application.




1.         No comments on this final plat.




1.         No Comments.



1.         No comments.




1.         Tract D-2 needs to be shown as a utility easement or a 20’ centered easement over all the sewer lines.


Mr. Wallis noted that Mr. Mauro noted that “Tract D-2 needs to be shown as a utility easement or a 20’ centered easement over all the sewer lines.


Mr. Mauro indicated that at this time they don’t show anything on the landscaping so if they don’t put anything on top it doesn’t matter.




1.         Approval of this case will not cause an adverse affect on fire rescue department operations.







1.         The Final Plat meets the requirements of The Orlando Utilities Commission Electric Engineering Division.




1.         The boundary survey is too old and does not reflect the current conditions within the boundary.

Resubmit a new boundary survey.


Mr. Wallis noted that they will submit the boundary survey when they have everything in order and it will have the revisions of the plat.  He also indicated that at that time he will also send in the reduced set.


2.         Final plat shall be recorded within 6 months of City Council approval.


1.         Resubmit one full set for DRC sign-off, once indicated by Planning and Zoning provide 15 reduced sets for the PB and CC. Once approved by City Council follow the plat recording checklist.




1.         Jefferson Green @ Anthem Park Final Plat Approved.



            The DRC recommended approval with conditions.


The consent agenda was approved.


Meeting Adjourned: 2:25 pm