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CALL TO ORDER:                          6:30 P.M.


LOCATION:                                      ST. CLOUD COUNCIL CHAMBERS

                                                            1300 NINTH STREET, 3RD FLOOR




ROLL CALL:                                    Kimberly Paulson       (EA)

                                                            Carl Beigel                 (P)

                                                            Pete Placencia            (P)

                                                            Greg Norris                (P)

                                                            William Spinola          (P)

                                                            Robert Paulsen          (P)


STAFF MEMBERS:                         David Nearing, Director of Planning and Zoning

                                                            Jack Morgeson, City Attorney

                                                            Sherry Taylor, Secretary


APPROVAL OF MINUTES:            March 8, 2006


Mr. Placencia made a motion to approve the minutes.


Mr. Spinola seconded the motion.


All Ayes 5-0 to approve the minutes.




  1. Requests for Variances


(a) CASE NUMBER:            2006-09

APPLICANT:                   Clarence Anthony Schroeder

OWNER:                          Clarence Anthony Schroeder                       

ADDRESS:                      611 Florida Avenue


VARIANCE PETITION DETAILS:  The Applicant is requesting a variance to the requirements of the Land Development Code, Section 3.2.5.A and Table III-4 to allow two Single Family units instead of one Duplex in the “R-2” Single- and Two-family Dwelling District.


All parties were sworn in at this time.


Mr. Nearing presented the case (see attached).  Staff recommends approval.  All criteria have been met.


Mr. Beigel asked if the lots would line up.


Mr. Nearing noted each would be 50’ lots. 


Mr. Norris asked if the lots were 95’, how they both could be 50’ lots.


Mr. Nearing explained that one lot is 50’ for the entire distance and one lot is 45’ for the first 65’ and then spreads out to 50’ for the remainder.


Mr. Norris acknowledged that the front of the lot is 95’ and the back of the lot is 100’.


Mr. Nearing noted that is correct.


Mr. Spinola asked when the property was purchased. 


Mr. Schroeder noted it was approximately 2 years ago.


Mr. Spinola asked the applicant if he knew there would only be one house allowed on the property when it was purchased.


Mr. Schroeder noted he was not aware of that.


Mr. Spinola noted that the code had already changed that only one house could be built on the lot when the property was purchased.


Mr. Schroeder noted when the property was purchased, they had intended to remodel the house and make it a rental property.  That changed when they thought they could tear the existing house down and build two houses on the property. 

Mr. Beigel asked if the drawings were Mr. Schroeder’s.


Mr. Schroeder noted they were Danny Quinn’s, the contractor.


Mr. Beigel asked if the garages would be in the front and he would be utilizing the alley in the back at all.


Mr. Schroeder noted there were two garages back there.  He noted one is his and he is not sure who the other one belongs to.


Mr. Nearing noted the neighbor has 10’ feet and the applicant has 10’.  This is not a true alley.  It is a special setback that was imposed on certain blocks in the City’s grid section.  People have been traversing and using it as an alley for years.  It is not a true alley way.


Mr. Placencia asked Mr. Schroeder what type of homes he will build.


Mr. Schroeder noted each will be 3/2.


Mr. Placencia asked about the elevation.


Mr. Schroeder noted that his contractor, Danny Quinn, just built 2 homes on Indiana Avenue and the homes will be similar to those.


Mr. Placencia asked if the proposed homes would be similar to the homes in the area or would they be more modern on the exterior. 


Mr. Schroeder noted the homes will compliment the area.


Mr. Paulsen asked Mr. Schroeder, just to clarify, if the existing home will be demolished and two new homes will be built in its place.


Mr. Schroeder noted that was correct as well as the garage.


Mr. Norris asked if the houses would be rentals or be sold or the applicant would be living there. 


Mr. Schroeder noted the grandson will live in one and he probably will be selling the other one.


Mr. Norris made a motion to approve the variance.  All 6-criteria have been met.


Mr. Spinola seconded the motion.


The motion passed 5-0.





In accordance with the American with Disabilities Act, person needing assistance to participate in any of these proceedings should contact the Secretary/Clerk of the Committee/Board (listed below), prior to the meeting. (FS 296.26)


Sherry Taylor, Secretary                                   City of St. Cloud

Board of Adjustment                                        1300 Ninth Street

(407) 957-7203                                               St. Cloud, FL 34769



BOA Minutes