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DATE OF MEETING:      January 16, 2003


LOCATION:                   Municipal Services Complex 1st Floor Conference Room

                                    2901 17th Street, St. Cloud


CALL TO ORDER:         2:00 P.M.


CHAIRMAN:                  David Nearing, Planning/Zoning Director


SECRETARY:               Marty Hobbs, Development Officer



Dave Nearing                 Rick Mauro                    Eric Holloway                Mark Luthie                  

Dave Ennis                    John Groenendaal          Eric Morgan                   Ron Trowell                  

Angelo Perri                  Comdr. Faucett




Mr. Nearing noted that there were no members of the public present for this meeting.


1.                   Approval of the DRC Consent agenda for January 16, 2003.


The following items were approved by the Committee on the Consent agenda of this meeting:

            a)         Case #3-25.01 – Branham, Richard – 3615 Michigan Avenue – annexation deferral

            b)         Case #3-28.02 – Kroft, Charles – 601 McKay Street – annexation deferral



2.         Case # 03-27.01 – Exxon Mobil

                                                Canoe Creek Road & Old Canoe Creek Road

                                                Site Plan


Ms. Sandra Owens of MDM Services was present to represent the application.




1.         No comments at this time.




1.         We do not recommend approval until such time the Plat is filed, Performance Bonds are filed guaranteeing construction of the improvements, and a Hold Harmless Agreement is executed between the City of Saint Cloud and the property developer of the proposed Exxon Mobil site.




1.                   A Certificate of Capacity approved by City Council shall be required prior to receiving a Notice to Proceed.

2.                   A Sewer Capacity Reservation Fee in the amount of $431.75, equal to 10% of the estimated sewer impact fee, shall be paid prior to receiving a Notice to Proceed.  This amount will be credited against final impact fees, which will be calculated at the time of building permit submittal based upon construction plans.


3.                   Staff recommends approval with conditions as given herein.


4.                   The estimated sewer impact fee is based upon the ratio of $1,100 per 1,000 gross square feet of commercial building area, per Resolution 98-27R.  As it applies to this project:  3,925 gross square feet of convenience store building X $1,100 ÷ 1,100 gross square feet = $4,317.50 estimated sewer impact fee.  10% of this amount is the Sewer Capacity Reservation Fee.

Page 2, DRC Minutes – 01/16/03



5.                   A copy of current impact fees and rates are available from the Planning & Zoning Department.

6.                   A Certificate of Capacity is valid for 1 year after the approval date by City Council, within which period construction must commence and be ongoing and continuous.  Otherwise, the Certificate of Capacity expires and water and sewer service is denied until such time as another Certificate of Capacity is obtained.


Ms. Owens requested clarification of the comment.


Mr. Nearing explained and noted that because of the subdivision not being platted there were going to be other issues that would need to be addressed.  He recommended that Ms. Owens contact the owner(s) of the property to discuss when the plat was to be recorded.


Ms. Owens asked if she could record the plat.


Mr. Nearing explained that she could not because she did not own the property.  He again recommended that she contact the owners of record.


Mr. Nearing explained that the fees referenced in the comments from Concurrency Management were based upon current fees and that the fees were going to be increased and that the fees in effect at the time of payment would be what the applicant would be required to pay.




1.                   Include the City of St. Cloud water service connection detail on sheet no. C4.1.

2.                   A sanitary sewer clean-out is required per every 75’ of service line.

3.                   Add note to the sanitary sewer clean-outs (Brass Caps Required Within Driveway Areas). 

4.                   Indicate a 10” x 8” tapping valve and sleeve at the fire hydrant connection.

5.                   Indicate a 1-1/2” tapping valve and sleeve at the connection point for the potable water service.

6.                   Indicate P.E. tubing for the service lines from the tap to the meter.

7.                   The utility notes on sheet no. C4.0 indicates a 1-1/2” water service line by SCPU. If the city is to provide the service lines from the main to the right of way line, additional costs will be applicable.


Mr. Mauro asked for clarification of the note indicating that the City was installing the utilities for the development.


Ms. Owens noted that she had been told by the Developer that the City was going to do the installation.


Mr. Mauro explained that the City could do it but it was going to require additional fees.


Ms. Owens noted that the water lines will be put in by Exxon.



8.         Because the car wash and the store share the same water service line, it is highly recommended that a reduced pressure backflow preventer is installed to separate one from the other.




1. Move proposed new hydrant approximately 25’ east near drive.




1.                   Please provide official confirmation from Osceola County 911-Addressing of the address of this parcel.

2.                   Please provide a Certificate of Title showing that Exxon/Mobil owns the property or provide written and notarized authorization to make this application from the entity that does own the property.

3.                   Please indicate on the site plan the proposed maximum height of the convenience store building, the car wash and the gas pumps canopy.

4.                   Please indicate on the site plan the type of building construction and materials of the convenience store, car wash and gas pumps canopy.

Page 3, DRC Minutes – 01/16/03



5.                   Please correct the site plan to reflect that a parallel parking space is 10' x 23' and not 9' x 24', per Section 6.13.1 of the Land Development Code (LDC).

6.                   Please verify on the plans that there is 100' or more distance between the nearest point of the subject property and the nearest property which contains a filling station or automobile service station, per Section 3.20.12.A of the LDC.

7.                   Please remove Sheets G1.0 and G1.2 regarding signage from the plans submitted for approval.  Signage is permitted separately.  (Please get with the Planning & Zoning Depart regarding the "Spanner Building" and signage.)


8.                   Revised plans must be submitted within sixty (60) days of this review.  Revised plans submitted after the allotted time frame will require a new application including payment of additional fees.

9.                   All submitted plans must be folded at the time of submittal.  Rolled plans will not be accepted.

10.               "Convenience stores with gasoline pumps" is a permitted use within the Highway Business zoning district.

11.               Please note that a maximum of 75 square feet of building façade signage facing the front will be allowed at permitting.  The front is defined at facing the roadway off which this site is addressed (probably Old Canoe Creek Road).  A maximum of two building façade signs not to exceed 37.5 square feet total area shall be allowed on the sides.  The above signage is for the convenience store and gasoline pumps canopy combined.  See Division 19 of the LDC.

12.               One free standing sign of a maximum height of 20' and maximum signage area of 64 square feet (per side for a 2-sided sign) will be allowed at permitting.  See Division 19 of the LDC for setbacks and additional information.




1.         A South Florida Water Management District permit is required for this project.




1.         Submit a site plan for addressing showing the tenant build-out for the Winn Dixie Plaza.


Mr. Nearing noted that all tank permitting goes through Osceola County.  He also noted that the Certificate of Capacity would be processed after platting and after all of the fees have been paid.


Ms. Owens asked how long the platting process takes.


Mr. Nearing explained that it would depend on the developer and the engineers.  He noted that it could go through as quickly as 30 or 45 days if all of the necessary documentation is submitted.  He also noted that it would be possible to post a bond if all of the infrastructure had not been installed.  He then noted that it would have to include a “hold harmless” acknowledging that the City was not responsible if the applicant was unable to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy because the infrastructure was not in place.  He then advised Ms. Owens that it could take 6 months or longer if the developer and/or engineer drags their feet.


Ms. Owens noted that she would discuss the matter with Exxon and noted that this was the first she had heard of any of these problems.


The following comments were submitted at the meeting:




1.                   In accordance with the St. Cloud Land Development Code, Article VIII, Section a tree is required to be planted every twenty-five (25’) feet or a fraction thereof, for all required buffers adjacent to rights-of-way. Please add additional trees within the buffers.

2.                   The proposed three (3) Oaks (shown within the center of the Northwest buffer – adjacent to the Winn Dixie Shopping Plaza) shall be replaced to a smaller type of tree. The proposed Oaks will conflict with the approved landscaping/buffers, on the Winn Dixie site. Note: The legend may be confusing.



Page 4, DRC Minutes – 01/16/03



            Usually, QV represents Quercus virginiana. However, the drawing and legend show that QV represents         Quercus laurifolia. Please clarify.

3.                   The proposed Oaks within all of the interior medians shall be changed to a medium and/or small type of tree. The green space shown will not provide enough room for a large type of tree.

4.                   Change the proposed Oaks, shown within the required buffer (adjacent to Canoe Creek Road), to smaller type of tree. Overhead utilities exist.




The DRC recommended approval with conditions.  The applicant will resubmit revised plans within 60 days for sign-off only.  Final approval will be given once the platting has occurred and everything is completed for the subdivision.



ADJOURNMENT:           The meeting was adjourned at 2:20 p.m.