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DATE OF MEETING:      February 8, 2007                       


LOCATION:                   1300 9th Street - 1st Floor – DRC Conference Room; St. Cloud


CALL TO ORDER:         2:00 P.M.


CHAIRMAN:                  David Nearing, Director of Planning and Zoning


SECRETARY:               Michelle Orton, Development Coordinator



Ken Peck                      Ron Trowell                   Mark Luthie                   Rick Mauro

Eric Van Tassel             David Ennis                   Jeff Higgins                    Cindy Spanglo              


1.                   Case #07-1.10 – Community & Business Extravaganza

Civic Center, Buildings A & B

Special Event


David Lane, St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce President was present to represent the application.




1.         Temporary electrical wiring shall comply with the National Electrical Code (NEC) 2005

Article 525. Note: Temporary wiring shall be ground-fault protected. Multi-conductor

cord shall originate in an approved power outlet or panel board and be of the type identified

in Table 400.4 for hard usage or extra hard usage. Receptacles shall be the grounding type.

Lamps shall be protected from accidental contact or breakage. Electrical cords shall be

protected from damage and shall be placed so as to prevent trip hazards.

When receptacles are installed on flexible cords/cables and exposed to weather or in wet

locations, they shall be in a weatherproof enclosure.

2.         If tents over 300 sq. ft. are used they shall comply with the Florida Building Code 2004 (FBC)

Section 3103.1 and Chapter 10, Means of Egress. Certification of flame resistance shall be filed with the

building department prior to a permit being issued.

3.         Tent exits, aisles, seating, etc. shall conform to assembly occupancy. All exits shall be kept free of

obstructions while tent is occupied by the public.




1.         Cyber Spot access will not be a problem.




1.         No comments.




1.         No comments.




1.         All fire protection equipment; building exits and other safety features shall remain accessible.

2.         All seating arrangements and occupancy shall conform to The Florida Fire Prevention Code, the

maximum occupancy for building A is 299.

3.         Cooking shall not be allowed inside the building.





1.         No Comment




1.         The application package indicates acknowledgment and compliance with all requirements of the

Planning Department. Therefore, we have no additional conditions.

2.         As a DRC approved Special Event, the applicant is authorized to utilize off-site signage to advertise

and/or direct traffic for the event. Please be advised that all signage must be placed so as to prevent

visual obstruction to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, must be free standing and may be utilized

beginning one week prior to the event. All signage must be removed the day following the final day of

the event.




1.         You must fill out a form at the Parks and Recreation Department prior to any approval of using City

Facilities for events or functions.


1.         All facilities and/or equipment are reserved on a “first come, first serve” basis. Please contact the Parks

& Recreation Dept. at (407) 957-7243 as soon as possible to reserve what will be needed for your event

and availability. Equipment rental and set-up fees may be applicable to your event. Contact Tommy

Howes at the Parks and Recreation Dept. at (407) 957-7246 to coordinate cost of applicable rental and

set-up fees. A complete Facility Reservation Form must be provided at the DRC Review Conference

prior to final approval of application.

2.         We will use the trash cans that we have inside the Civic Center

3.         No problem with all the tables but they are not in really good shape.

4.         We will set up the tents on Thursday March 8th and we do not have 10’x20’ tents. They are 10’x10’.

You will need to have someone present on that Thursday morning around 7:30am to make sure the

tents are set up where you want them.

5.         You asked for 200’ of pipe / drape and we only have 170’.

6.         We will help with the set up with the Skyjack on the days that you requested.

7.         You requested the sound system, what days and what times do you need my staff here to operate it?

Or do you just need the small one without staff?

8.         How many chairs and tables do you want us to drop off in each Gym?

9.         Estimated labor cost not including staff for sound system is $960.00. Cost for sound system

staff is $30/hr.

10.        Please make sure that everything is cleaned up and that you take back what you brought here. In the

past there has been things left behind that we found and also no digging on the grounds.




1.         Vendor must provide acceptable Certificates of Insurance via ACORD form or sign waiver documents,

no later than 10 days prior to the event. If the vendor does not carry Florida Worker’s Compensation

insurance, an Exemption certificate must be attached to submitted insurance certificates.

2.         Approval from City Council required for permission to serve/consume alcohol. A Hold Harmless

Agreement must be signed by a representative 10 days prior to the event and should be emailed or

faxed to or 407.957.7205 Fax:407-957-8416


3.         For additional information contact Risk Management at 407.957.7205 or go to 1300 Ninth Street (Bldg B

Floor 3.)

4.         Information should be e mailed or faxed to or 407.957.7205 Fax:407-957-8416.


Mr. Lane indicated that he had no concerns with the comments, he did want it on the record that he appreciates having Cyber Spot available for the participants.  The way that businesses are going this will really help out.


Mr. Peck informed Mr. Lane that he would be in on Wednesday to set up so that they would have time to get other things done.


Mr. Lane noted that they are prepared and they have done those things that are requested of them.  They filled out their Parks and Recreation form and submitted their insurance information.  They noted they are familiar with Parks and that they appreciate them estimating the cost.


Mr. VanTassel indicated that Ms. Amber West wanted to know if they were still planning on using the pool, if they were they need to be aware that there is no smoking allowed.


Mr. Lane noted that would not be a problem.


Mr. Van Tassel also indicated that they would need an officer in the area.


Ms. Spanglo noted that she spoke with Ms. West and they would need to have lifeguards anytime someone uses the pool.  She wanted to know if they had officers last year.


Mr. Lane noted they haven’t used the pool for a couple of years but that they did request them for traffic.


Mr. VanTassel suggested that he get together with Ms. West.


Mr. Lane noted that everything is scheduled and if Parks was going to help them hang banners.


Discussion over the time of set up.


Mr. Lane introduced Ms. Patty Haney as the newest member of the Chamber that will be handling Special Events.


Mr. VanTassel wanted to know if the Chamber will need the audio system.


Mr. Lane noted that they had their own this year and that they will also not need the stage.


Mr. Peck indicated that they want to let the Little League know that they will not be able to practice that Saturday.


Mr. Van Tassel noted that they have already been notified and that they will not be holding practices or games on that day.



DRC recommended approval with conditions.


2.                   Case #07-41.01 – Faith Builders Community Church (Jeff Higgins, Planner)

1481 E. Irlo Bronson Highway

PUD Amendment; 1500 sq ft


Hank Fayne with the Faith Builders Community Church was present to represent the application.




1.         No comments on the PUD amendment.

2.         Converting this space to from Business Occupancy to Assembly Occupancy will require interior

renovation plans and permits.




1.         No Comments on this case.




1.         No comments.




1.         No comments.






1.         All existing or new structures shall meet current Florida Fire Prevention Codes.




1.         No comment.




1.         Approval to be valid for one year. At which time Staff reserves the right for an evaluation of the

permitted use in determining if the time limit may be extended or the use to be discontinued.


2.         Approval with conditions.


Mr. Nearing wanted to know what kind of zoning is requested.


Mr. Higgins noted that they are requesting an amendment to the PUD.


Mr. Nearing asked if there were any questions.


Mr. Higgins indicated that he made a condition that staff has a right to re-evaluate after a year.


Mr. Nearing wanted to know what Mr. Higgins meant by re-evaluating in a year, would this require them to go back to City Council.


Mr. Higgins indicated that he only wanted to re-evaluate in a year.


Mr. Nearing noted that according to this comments they would need to reapply he suggested he say something in regards to, “in one year after approval staff will determine if it will be approved or revoked, if revoking is considered then Council will need to review”.  He then addressed Mr. Fayne that if he ever needed anything to contact the City.



                        DRC recommended approval with conditions.



Consent Agenda


1.                   Deferral of Annexation


Case #07-200.15 – Van Tassel, Eric & Brady, Donna, 1010 South Narcoossee Road


The Consent Agenda was approved.


Meeting Adjourned:  2:25 pm