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DATE OF MEETING:      May 1, 2003


LOCATION:                   Municipal Services Complex 1st Floor Conference Room

                                    2901 17th Street, St. Cloud


CALL TO ORDER:         2:00 P.M.


CHAIRMAN:                  David Nearing, Planning/Zoning Director


SECRETARY:               Marty Hobbs, Development Officer



Dave Nearing                 Rick Mauro                    Eric Holloway                Mark Luthie                  

Dave Ennis                    Eric Morgan                   Ron Trowell


There was no representative present from the Police Department or Electric Utility (OUC).




1.         Case # 03-63.01 – Colonial Bank

                                                SE Corner of Hickory Tree Road & U.S. 192

                                                Site Plan


Mr. Bruce Taylor was present to represent the application.




1.         Indicate on the plans the handicap access route from public ways

(see note #6; “Handicap Access Notes”).


Mr. Taylor noted that he was in agreement with the comment.




1.         The driveway at Hickory Tree Road will need an Osceola County Right-of-Way Utilization Permit.

2.         The driveway connection to US Hwy 192/441, will need an FDOT Driveway Connection Permit.

3.         City Code requires that all property frontages abutting the rights-of-way shall have a sidewalk installed.  Hickory Tree Road is considered a collector roadway; sidewalk width must be 5-feet. 

4.         Please revise the comment regarding the permanent brass disk on Sheet 5 of 12.

5.         The outfall control structure CS-1 does not match the storm drainage system shown on Sheet 5 of 12.

6.         The fire flow calculation shown on Sheet 6 of 13 refers to Hungry Howies.

7.         Note #13 on Sheet 4 of 13 must be changed to require sodding of all areas that are to be grassed.

8.         The storm water system will need and FDOT Drainage Connection Permit.


Mr. Taylor noted that he was in agreement with the comment.




1.                   A Certificate of Capacity approved by City Council shall be required prior to receiving a Notice to Proceed.

2.                   A Capacity Reservation Fee of $323.40 equal to 10% of the estimated sanitary sewer impact fee per Resolution 98-27R shall be required prior to receiving a Notice to Proceed.  This amount shall be credited towards the final sewer impact fee calculated at the time of Building Permit based upon architectural plans.


3.                   Staff recommends approval of a Certificate of Capacity with the above conditions.



Page 2, DRC Minutes – 05/01/03




4.                   Estimated Sanitary Sewer Impact Fee, per Resolution 98-27R, equals $1,100 per 1,000 square feet of commercial use building ÷ 1,000.  Or, $1,100 x 2,940 sf of bank building ÷ 1,000 = $3,234.  The Capacity Reservation Fee equals 10% of the Estimated Sanitary Sewer Impact Fee, or 10% of 3,234 = $323.40.


Mr. Taylor noted that he was in agreement with the comment.




1.                   Remove the following three comments: wet tap w/ 16”x8” tapping sleeve & valve, temporary roadway MOT per FDOT #603 for jumper connection, Utility Crossing Detail “A” and fire flow calculations for Hungry Howies, These comments do not have anything to do with these plans.

2.                   Reduce the domestic water meter size to a 1” maximum size meter.

3.                   Remove the sanitary sewer lift station and force main. This parcel is within the Osceola Industrial site plan which is required to have gravity sewer to all lots. A gravity sewer extension will be required to be extended from the existing stub-out along Hamlin Ave.


Mr. Taylor noted that he had discussed this project with Mr. Mauro and these comments differ from his understandings that came out of those discussions.


Mr. Swingle explained that the entire system had been designed to be a gravity system.


Possible options for the project were briefly discussed.


Mr. Luthie briefly explained the plan for Hickory Tree Industrial.  He noted that it was the main that serves Osceola Industrial Park.  He further noted that, since Ron Howse had designed that infrastructure, it should be simple enough to get a copy of the final plans and obtain any information about what is existing in that area.  He also noted that the line was just North of Load Bank.


Mr. Taylor noted that he would look into it and discuss the situation with Mr. Howse.  He noted that it might be cheaper than installing a lift station.




1.         Approval of this case will not cause an adverse affect on fire rescue department operations.

2.         Further conditions and recommendations will be addressed during the construction process.

3.         The proposed fire lane is not required. A problem could exist if lines back-up for the drive thru.  Recommend a no parking zone with stripping.


Mr. Taylor noted that he was in agreement with the comment.




1.         The owner will install all primary conduit and concrete transformer pad.  The secondary conduit, wire, and terminations are the responsibility of the owner.

2.         A utility easement will be required once the location of the transformer and primary run is determined.

3.         Power to the building has to be underground due to Dr. Phillips requirements.

4.         There may be costs to provide electric service to this project.  Please contact Bill Ellwood.

5.         OUC can provide parking lot lights for this project.  Please contact Bill Ellwood.

6.         Please send all site and electric information to OUC Development Services.

Bill Ellwood, OUC Development Services  (407) 236-9652 – Fax (407)236-9628

500 S. Orange Avenue                                        email:

Orlando, FL  32802


Mr. Taylor noted that he was in agreement with the comment.



Page 3, DRC Minutes – 05/01/03





1.                   Article III, Section 3.3 of the Declaration of Protective Covenants (DPC) of Osceola Industrial Park (OIP) requires Architectural Review Committee review and approval of all site plans, landscaping plans and architectural plans.

2.                   Article III, Section 3.8 of the DPC of OIP requires 5% (or 2,353 square feet) of the total site, minus the building area, to be landscaped.  This is 200' x 250' = 50,000sf total site.  49' x 60' = 2940sf building area.  50,000sf - 2940sf = 47,060 sf x 5% = 2353 sf of landscape area required.  Please indicate with a note on LP-01 specifically how much landscaping is proposed in square feet.

3.                   Please correct the Cover Sheet, Site Data, Setbacks, to read as follows for setbacks:  US192-441 60 FT; Hickory Tree Road 35 FT; East Property Side 15 FT; and, South Property Rear 25 FT.  Setback from US 192-441 given as 60' and "zero lot line concept" in Res. 91-56 for Osceola Industrial Park.  The LDC Table III-6 reads 35' Side Street, 15' Side and 25' Rear.  Which do we want to use?


Mr. Morgan noted that everything underlined in comment #3 could be removed.


4.                   Please correct Cover Sheet, Site Data, Property Zoning to "I-3."

5.                   Please correct Cover Sheet, Site Data, Adjacent Property Zoning to: North - PUD; South - I-3; East - I-3; and, West - AG.

6.                   Please correct Cover Sheet, Parking Summary to read that required parking is 1 space per 300 square feet of building area, or 10 spaces.  Bicycle parking is not required by the DPC of OIP.

7.                   Please correct all sheets to removed parking from the 60' drainage easement or abandon the easement.


Mr. Taylor noted that the easement could not be vacated.


Mr. Nearing explained that it could be possible to vacate a portion of the easement depending upon the purpose for the easement.


Mr. Taylor noted that he would propose the idea of the vacation to the applicant and he would let the City know what his decision would be.


8.                   Please explain General Note # 19 on Sheet 4.  What gates are being referred to?


Mr. Morgan asked Mr. Taylor to what gates he was referring in Note #19.


Mr. Taylor noted that this was an error and would be corrected before resubmittal.


9.                   Please explain Signing & Stripping Notes # 4.  What loading zoning is being referred to?


Mr. Nearing explained that no loading zone would be needed.


10.               Please remove or correct the Osceola Public Safety note regarding the address.  (An address of 1900 13th Street would be located at the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and 13th Street.)


Mr. Morgan asked Mr. Taylor if he had been give an address for the subject property.


Mr. Taylor noted that he had not and that this too was an error that would be corrected on the resubmittal.


11.               The driveway access directly onto US 192-441 does not comply with Article V of the DPC of OIP, because it was not provided by "the Developer" as defined in Article I as "Dr. Phillips, Inc."  No such access way has been constructed by the Developer, nor is there a site plan application submitted.


Mr. Nearing noted that he did not know what the developer was trying to do back in 1988 but it could mean that the developer simply needs to approve the access location.  He noted that regardless of the reason, something in writing was going to be needed from the Dr. Phillips group.


Mr. Taylor noted that he would discuss the matter with the applicant and with Dr. Phillips.


Page 4, DRC Minutes – 05/02/03



Mr. Morgan noted that the documents only specify those access points onto U.S. 192/441.


12.               Please correct the site plan to show the drive-thru by-pass lane as being a minimum of 16' wide, per Section 6.13.1 of the Land Development Code (LDC).


Mr. Taylor asked if the 16’ width was an absolute minimum.


Mr. Nearing explained that it was but that a variance could be requested.



13.               Staff recommends approval with the conditions noted above.


14.               Revised plans must be submitted within sixty (60) days of this review.  Revised plans submitted after the allotted time frame will require a new application including payment of additional fees.

15.               All submitted plans must be folded at the time of submittal.  Rolled plans will not be accepted.

16.               Future Land Use - Industrial Use.   Zoning - Industrial 3 (Planned Unit Development Ordinance 88-WW as amended by Resolution 91-56.)

17.               "Banks and Savings Institutions (including automated facilities)" is a use specifically listed as permitted in the Osceola Industrial Park, Exhibit "B", Declaration of Protective Covenants for Osceola Industrial Park.

18.               Please note that Article III, Section 3.11 of the DPC of OIP allows 1 "ground sign" (that is, free standing sign) a maximum of 25 square feet copy area and a maximum of 8' height for the subject property.  In addition, one wall mounted sign shall be allowed on the front façade (front being defined as the side facing the street off of which the building is addressed) a maximum of 1 square foot in area for each 1 linear foot of building frontage.  OIP ARC proof of approval shall be required prior to issuance of a City building permit.




1.         Please revise Sheet 3 of 13 Demolition Plan Section. Eight (8) additional Oak trees exist upon site; however, are not shown on the plan.

2.                   Mitigation shall be shown on Sheet LP-01 Landscaping Plan.

3.                   Please indicate and/or identify all trees proposed for removal and/or protection on Sheet 3 of 13 and Sheet LP-01.

4.                   Eric Holloway, SCPR (works in a cooperative effort with Osceola County), has notified the department that one (1) Gopher Tortoise burrow is active, on this site. A permit will be required through Osceola County.


Mr. Taylor asked Mr. Holloway if he had seen a Gopher Tortoise on the site.


Mr. Holloway noted that he had not seen the animal but had seen evidence of an active burrow.


Mr. Taylor noted that he would advise the applicant.




1.         A South Florida Water Management District permit is required for this project.


Mr. Taylor asked if this meant that he needed to get a modification and Mr. Luthie noted that was correct.  He explained that the overall site had been permitted but that a modification would be needed to reflect this development.




1.         Osceola County Public Safety has no comments regarding this case.


Article 5, Public Roads, of the PUD documents were discussed.


Page 5, DRC Minutes – 05/01/03



Mr. Morgan asked if the City would approve the plans first or if the Architectural Review Committee had to grant their approval first.


Mr. Nearing noted that the City would approve the plans first but noted that it would be a good idea to allow them to review the plans before submitting anything for sign-off.


Mr. Taylor noted that he would meet with the Lines Division once Mr. Mauro returns next week to discuss their concerns.



The DRC recommended approval with the conditions as stated.  The applicant will resubmit corrected plans for sign-off within 60 days of this review.






ADJOURNMENT:           The meeting was adjourned at 2:25 p.m.