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DATE OF MEETING:      April 10, 2003


LOCATION:                   Municipal Services Complex 1st Floor Conference Room

                                    2901 17th Street, St. Cloud


CALL TO ORDER:         2:00 P.M.


CHAIRMAN:                  David Nearing, Planning/Zoning Director


SECRETARY:               Marty Hobbs, Development Officer



Dave Nearing                 Rick Mauro                    Kim Duffy                      Mark Luthie                  

Dave Ennis                    John Groenendaal          Eric Morgan                   Ron Trowell                  

Angelo Perri                  Comdr. Faucett              Mike Fix




1.         Approval of DRC Consent Agenda for April 10, 2003


The consent agenda was approved as submitted.


2.         Case #3-4.14 – Splash For Our Kids Safety

                                    2001 17th Street (Municipal Pool)

                                    Special Event


Ms. Amber West was present to represent the application.




1.         Temporary electrical wiring shall comply with the National Electrical Code (NEC) 1999 Article 305. Note: Temporary wiring shall be ground-fault protected. Multi-conductor cord shall originate in an approved power outlet or panelboard and be of the type identified in Table 400-4 for hard usage or extra hard usage. Receptacles shall be the grounding type. Lamps shall be protected from accidental contact or breakage. Electrical cords shall be protected from damage and shall be placed so as to prevent trip hazards. When receptacles are installed on flexible cords/cables and exposed to weather or in wet locations, they shall be in a weatherproof enclosure.

2.         If tents over 300 sq. ft. are used they shall comply with the Florida Building Code (FBC) 2001 Section 3103.1 and Section 1019.5. Certification of flame resistance shall be filed with the building department prior to a permit being issued.

3.         Tent exits, aisles, seating, etc. shall conform to assembly occupancy. All exits shall be kept free of obstructions while tent is occupied by the public.    




1.         No comment.




1.         No. comment.




1.         All fire protection equipment; building exits and other safety features shall remain accessible.




1.         No comment.

Page 2, DRC Minutes – 04/10/03





1.         No Comments




1.         All food vendors must be properly licensed and inspected by DPR Department of Hotels and Restaurants.  Contact District 4 at (800) 375-6975 regarding requirements for temporary special events.


2.                   As a DRC approved Special Event, temporary signage may be utilized to advertise the event or direct traffic to the event.  All signage must be free standing and not attached to street signs, utility poles, trees, etc.  Signs must be places so as to prevent a visual hazard to vehicular and pedestrian traffic and may be erected after April 5, 2003 and must be removed no later than April 13, 2003.

3.                   No additional insurance requirements apply to this event.




1.         The District has no comment regarding this case.



The DRC recommended approval of the Special Event with the conditions stated.



Page 3, DRC Minutes – 04/10/03



3.         Case #3-6.02 – Keystone Pointe

SW of Old Canoe Creek Road, S of WPA Canal

Subdivision Construction Plans


Mr. David Reid and Mr. Val Taylor were present to represent the application.


Mr. Luthie noted that he had reviewed the plans with the assumption that it was in the County.




1.         No comments.




1.         No comment.




Lift Station Calculations, Water/Wastewater Calculations


The location of the tie in with Sunny Places was briefly discussed.


Mr. Mauro noted that Sunny Places had recently had a pre-construction conference.


Mr. Nearing noted that it was his understanding that all underground infrastructures had been installed.


Mr. Reid discussed pumping into the Sweetwater Subdivision.


The engineering for the lift station and the connection to the system was discussed at length.


Mr. Reid noted that he wanted to revisit his options regarding the lift station issue.


Mr. Mauro recommended that Mr. Reid meet with Todd Swingle to discuss the matter.


1.                   Use target duty point for pumps based upon 2 fps line velocity.

2.                   Provide 24-inch minimum between lead start and shutoff at build out.  Verify that storage provided under all phases ensures 5 minutes between successive starts of pumps (not between starts of any given pump) but does not exceed 30 minute total average cycle period.

3.                   Cycle time calculations should use the same equations for average flow and peak flow conditions.  Ensure that cycle times are verified at the inflow condition equal to ½ of the pump discharge flow as this represents the worst case cycle condition.

4.                   Provide open impeller pump per LDC.

5.                   Provide panel and electronic equipment specifications/cut sheets.

6.                   Correct footages in force main calculations.  Existing 8-inch force main along Canoe Creek appears to be approximately 2900 ft rather than 4910 as reflected in the calculations.

7.                   Reflect 250 gpd per ERU for water demand to match concurrency allocation.

8.                   Revise the Phase 3 potable water requirements to reflect the correct number of ERUs.

9.                   Remove the 2” hydro blow off shown by lot 21 on sheet no’s. 13 & 15.

10.               Remove the 2” blow off and loop the reuse main on Keystone Ponte Ct. on sheet no’s. 13 & 17.

11.               Limit the amount of sanitary sewer laterals to a maximum of 2 each per structure.

12.               Add an in-line gate valve at every 1,000 Lf of sanitary sewer force main.

13.               Remove the 8” WM shown on lot 38 along Emerald Ct., the main is on the other side of the roadway.

14.               Replace the reducer symbol with a gate valve symbol shown at the 6” x 2” tee for Marble Ct. on sheet no. 15.

15.               Add 2 valves on the reuse main tee at the intersections of Emerald Ct. & Diamond Lane and at Keystone Pointe Drive and Diamond Lane.

16.               Provide three 8” gate valves at the tee on the water main at the intersections of  Emerald Ct. & Diamond Lane and at Keystone Pointe Dr. & Keystone Ponte Ct.

Page 4, DRC Minutes – 04/10/03



17.               The existing 12” reuse main stub-out at Michelangelo Dr. and Old Canoe Creek Rd. terminates with a 12” gate valve. Remove the wet tap and indicate tie in at existing valve on sheet no. 14.

18.               Install a 12” tee with a gate valve to the east at station 126+50 for future looping of the reuse main along with a 6” reducer and valve to Christy Lane, on sheet no. 14.

19.               The existing sanitary sewer main at Michelangelo Dr. and Old Canoe Creek Rd. is a 6” main. Change the wet tap to reflect a 6” main. 

20.               The point for connections of the reclaimed water and the sanitary sewer force main at Michelangelo Drive has not been completed by the developer of the Sunny Places project. If Sunny Places does not complete their development in time for these projects connections, an alternate connection point will be required. The developer will be

responsible for all changes required for a different routing, and possibly upsizing of an existing lift station.     


21.               Buoyancy calculations – thickness of top slab shown does not match that used in the downward force calculation. 

22.               Run time calculations for “off-site pumps off” condition should reflect actual pump duty point from the pump/system curve.            




1.         Before and during construction, when combustibles are brought onto the site in such quantities as deemed hazardous by the fire official, paved roads to provide access for fire vehicles and a suitable water supply for fire protection acceptable to the fire department shall be provided and maintained.  (L.D.C.


2.                   Move the following hydrants:

Lot 8 to lot 6

      Lot 2 to east corner of lot 1

Lot 34 to north corner of the lot

      Lot 47 to lot 45

      Lot 26 to lot 28

      If this is done then the hydrant at lot 31 may be deleted.


The alternate hydrant locations were discussed between Fire Marshall Ennis and Mr. Reid.  “Here and there” were used to describe these locations and nothing was verbalized for inclusion in these minutes.




1.         The owner will install all primary, secondary, service stub-out conduits, concrete transformer pads and secondary pull boxes.

2.         Please have all conduit, pads, and pullboxes passed inspection by OUC 4 weeks before you need electric service.

3.         A 10 foot wide utility easement will be required on all property lines that abut a right-of-way.  Please indicate the easement on each lot of the final plat.  Other easements may be required.

4.         Please send all site and electric information to OUC Development Services:

            Bill Ellwood                                           (407) 236-9652; (407) 236-9628 (fax)

            500 South Orange Avenue                      email:

            P.O. Box 3193

            Orlando, FL  32802

Once all information is obtained by Development Services, an Engineer will be assigned to the job.




1.         No Comments.





Page 5, DRC Minutes – 04/10/03



1.         The St. Cloud Parks & Recreation Department is requesting a copy of the Osceola County Tree Permit. Additional comments may result from the permit requirements.


Mr. Reid explained that this project had already gone through the preliminary process with the City.


Ms. Duffy noted that the plan indicates that the project was approved in the County and that was why she had asked for a copy of the County permit.  She referenced a note on sheet 9 of 29.


After inspection of the note cited by Ms. Duffy, Mr. Reid noted that it was an error and that he would make the change to read “City of St. Cloud”.



2.                   Sheet 29 of 29 shows that only two (2) types of trees are being used for “Street Trees” and/or mitigation. We highly recommend diversifying through the use of additional varieties of street trees.

3.                   The proposed landscaping plan meets minimum standards. This department encourages additional plantings to the entrance of the subdivision.


Mr. Reid noted that additional trees could be added with no problem.


Ms. Duffy requested that Mr. Reid have the landscape architect contact her and Mr. Luthie to discuss species for the trees to be planted along the street.  She explained that the purpose was to prevent conflicts with underground utilities.


Mr. Reid noted that he would like to see the City come up with a listing of tree species that are acceptable for street plantings.


Ms. Duffy noted that she would put together a list and send it to Mr. Reid.




1.         A South Florida Water Management District permit is required for this project.


Mr. Reid noted that the permit had been submitted.




1.         Submit a site plan for review.


Mr. Nearing noted that there had been no comments submitted by Planning but that they would be sent to Mr. Reid once they were done.  He further noted that Civil Engineering and Concurrency also needed to get comments to Mr. Reid.


Mr. Nearing asked when Mr. Reid wanted the Certificate of Capacity processed.  He further asked if the April 24th meeting would be soon enough.


Mr. Nearing noted that would work for Phase 1.


Mr. Nearing noted that Mr. Luthie and Mr. Groenendaal would provide Mr. Reid with any additional comments.


Ms. Duffy noted that the HOA Documents would need to reflect the fact that the HOA would be responsible for any trees that are located in the rights-of-way.


The issue of the trees located in the rights-of-way was discussed with Ms. Duffy noting that she would prefer to have them in common areas and not in the right-of-way.


Mr. Reid noted that he would take a look at it and either relocate the trees or add the maintenance note to the plans.


Page 6, DRC Minutes – 04/10/03



The buffer and screening requirements between residential uses and collectors was discussed at length.


Mr. Reid noted that a wall or berm would be installed where applicable.


Mr. Nearing explained that if something other than a wall was to be utilized, a variance would be required.



The DRC recommended approval with the conditions as stated.  The applicant will resubmit plans for sign-off only within 60 days of this review.




ADJOURNMENT:           The meeting was adjourned at 2:35 p.m.