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St. Cloud Utilities

Welcome to the St. Cloud Utilities page!
This new web page is designed with an emphasis on ease of navigation to locate information on all topics relating to St. Cloud Utilities (SCU). Select from the list of reference links below to acquire the desired information or service.

For Water, Backflow, or Sewer Concerns                     
For water, backflow, or sewer concerns, City of St Cloud should be contacted first at 407-957-7344 prior to plumbing contractors to evaluate if the service of a plumber is necessary. If a plumber is contacted first, City of St. Cloud will not assume responsibility for incurred costs. Outside of normal business hours, please call 407-891-6700.  

Attention all St. Cloud Property Owners

St. Cloud Utilities is informing all property owners that, in accordance with City Code, utility billing for vacant properties shall be billed to the property owner. Potable water and sewer base charges, stormwater, EMS and solid waste charges will be charged monthly to property owners . This includes vacant properties used by seasonal customers or rental properties.  Please note that if an account is closed, the monthly charges or back charges for that period will be the responsibility of the property owner.

Customers may request their water meter be turned off while they are away or while the unit is vacant to reduce the risk of a leak and eliminate water and sewer consumption charges.  To do so, please contact St. Cloud Utilities Customer Service at 407-957-7344 or stop by our office in City Hall on level 1 of Building A, located at  1300 Ninth St.

St Cloud Utilities Logo
   Customer Service Hours
   Monday - Friday
   8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
   Ph: (407) 957-7344
   The St. Cloud Utilities 
   Customer Walk-In Center,
   located in City Hall,
   Building A, first level, is
   now open.