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CRA Budget Information
CRA Budget and Other Financial Information
The CRA budget is set annually by the CRA Board.  The fiscal year for the CRA runs from October 1 - September 30.  The CRA budget is contained within the City's overall budget.

Click here for a link to the City of St. Cloud's budget for 2015-2016.  Pages 304 and 305 are devoted specifically to the CRA budget.

The most recent audit report -- the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) -- of the CRA is available here.  This document pertains only to the CRA.  For the complete audit report for the City, click here (this is a large document and will take longer to open).

You can also access reports about CRAs and other Special Districts provided by the Florida Department of Financial Services, Bureau of Financial Reporting.  Click here to access this site.

Budget Update - February 2016
Aside from operating expenses and personnel costs that are needed to run the CRA, there are basically two budget line items that account for discretionary spending.  These are reported below, showing the amounts that have been accounted for to date, and the amounts remaining in the budget.  February is the 5th month of the budget year, and there is more than half of the budgeted amount remaining.




Total Expenditures

 (to date)


Amount Remaining



% Remaining

Professional Services

$ 100,000.00

$ 20,212.50

$ 79,787.50


Aid to Private Organizations*


$ 121,422.21

$ 258,577.79


 *this is the line item from which Building & Site Improvement Grant funds, and other items, are drawn