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Local Business Taxes
Local Business Tax Receipts
The Local Business Tax Receipt is a tax on your business levied by Ordinance 2008-29 and City Code 40-132 in accordance with  F.S. 205. The St. Cloud tax is based on a flat tax fee. If you own a business within the City of St. Cloud, you will be required to obtain a Local Business Tax Receipt. Failure to pay this tax would result in a code enforcement violation and possible Special Magistrate action.

Obtain a Receipt
To obtain a Local Business Tax Receipt, please contact the Building Department at (407) 957-7224 or .

Local Business Tax Fees 
The fees to obtain a Local Business Tax Receipt is $56.28 for Commercial & Home Businesses and $35.16 for a Rental/Landlord Business.  New applications will be assessed a one-time non-refundable application fee of $20.00.

Vending Machines
When you have a vending machine (coin or token operated machine that dispenses products, merchandise, or a service or amusement) at your business, a business tax will be assessed per City Code 40-132 in accordance with F.S. 205.  The tax on a vending machine is $14.07 yearly for EACH machine.  Renewal is also $14.07

To apply for a business tax receipt, obtain submittal requirements , Application for issuance of a Local Business Tax Receipt please go to the Document Center on our main page. 

        County Requirements
        Once you have obtained a tax receipt from the City of St. Cloud, please contact the Osceola Tax Collector at (407) 742-4000.