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Forensic Unit


Investigative Services Division

The Forensic Unit

The Forensic Unit consists of one supervisor and two full-time technicians.  The Forensic unit is responsible for the collection, safe handling, packaging, storage, recording and final disposition of all property/evidence under the control of the St. Cloud Police Department.  The unit is also responsible for responding to crime scenes and collecting evidence, processing evidence, writing detailed reports and court testimony.   Technicians assigned to the unit receive the extensive training and education that is necessary to perform these tasks in an effective manner. 

The property/evidence section of this unit handles between 2,000 and 3,000 pieces of evidence each year.  The evidence section maintains a strict chain of custody on every item that is entered.  A computerized evidence tracking program is utilized to monitor the location and status of each piece of property.  Spot checks and annual audits are done to verify the accuracy and integrity of the system.

In addition to the property and evidence responsibilities of the unit; technicians respond and process crime scenes on major case crimes such as; homicide, sexual battery and other violent crimes.  Technicians are trained to take detailed photographs of the scene, collect any type of evidence, process the collected evidence and write detailed reports.  Technicians have been trained in the collection of fingerprints, biological evidence, footwear and track impressions, micro-fibers, firearms, DNA and other sources of evidence. 


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