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Special Operations Division
Special Operations Division Captain 

The Special Operations Division is managed by Captain Dave Pierson.  Captain Pierson graduated from the University of Central Florida and was hired in 1988 with the City of St. Cloud.  He has worked in many different areas within the Police Department and currently oversees the Special Operations Division.

Special Operations Division

The Special Operations Division consists of one Captain, one Procurement Inventory Specialist, three Sergeants, one Special Agent, seven Officers and several volunteers.  The Special Operations Division Captain oversees the department's budget, purchasing, billing/invoicing, the Traffic Unit, Code Enforcement Unit, Public Information Officer (PIO), Community Outreach, SCIRS, School Resource Officers (SRO's), Forfeitures and grants.  The Special Operations Division is also responsible for vehicle and building maintenance, as well as outfitting each officer and staff with the required equipment necessary for their job duties.  The Special Operations Captain is also the Commander over the S.W.A.T. team and all specialized vehicles.


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