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Environmental Utilities
The Environmental Utilities Department provides the following services to the city of St. Cloud and the surrounding service area:
Utility services are provided by a staff of 70 people who work diligently to achieve a high level of service to meet the needs of the community.

Department Mission
The mission of the City of St. Cloud Environmental Utilities Department is to:
  • Maintain and expand the utility in a manner that aids the City in achieving its broader objectives
  • Provide all customers with safe drinking water, in adequate volume and pressure, to satisfy domestic uses and fire flow needs
  • Provide cost-effective service in a friendly and efficient manner
  • Provide sanitary waste collection and treatment to protect the environment, public safety, health and well-being

For water, backflow or sewer concerns, City of St Cloud should be contacted first at 407-957-7344 prior to plumbing contractors to evaluate if the service of a plumber is necessary. If a plumber is contacted first, the City of St. Cloud will not assume responsibility for incurred costs. Outside of normal business hours, please call 407-891-6700.

 City of St. Cloud’s Revised Water, Sewer and Reclaim Utility Approval  

  City Council has directed staff to require a Water and Wastewater Service Agreement for all new projects located in the unincorporated area of Osceola County where the owner is requesting water, sewer or reclaim service from the City and has not yet received approved plans or a certificate of capacity. 
  The new approval process will require that the Water and Wastewater Service Agreement be submitted to staff and approved by the City Council prior to the approval of plans or the issuance of a certificate of capacity.
  Click here to view a draft of the Water and Wastewater Service Agreement, which also incorporates the requirements related to upsizing agreements, if applicable.  


   Chris Fasnacht
   Public Services Administrator
   1300 9th Street
   St. Cloud, FL 34769 
   Ph: (407) 957-7264
   Fax: (407) 957-7170


  Monday - Friday
  8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.