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Certificate of Use
Business Requirements
Per City Code 12-132  all business locations, commercial or home based are required to obtain a Certificate of Use before they can offer their business to the public. The certificate of use is a mandatory measure by which the City of St. Cloud grants approval for a business to occupy any office, industrial, commercial or residential building.  Also per City Code 12-132 (f) the City shall have the right to request reasonable records from any licensed business for purposes of ensuring and confirming continued compliance with representations made to the city when such business applied to the city for land use or zoning approval.

For Home/Mobile businesses, if anyone other than the property owner is applying for a Certificate of Use, they must provide a notarized Property Owner Affidavit.  This affidavit makes the property owner aware that their tenant is applying for a Local Business Tax Receipt and Certificate of Use.  The affidavit also makes the property owner aware that if the tenant is found to be in non-compliance with any St Cloud City Codes, ordinances or laws relating to the tenant's business, the property owner will be held responsible for any code enforcement action that may be necessary. 


Commercial Business Locations:

Commercial business locations must pass a new business inspection by the Fire Marshall and Building Official PRIOR to conducting business.  The inspection is to ensure compliance with all zoning regulations, Life Safety Code requirements, proper tenant separations, and all applicable city, county and state regulations. 

Home/Mobile Business Locations:

Home business locations must meet all provisions of the Land Development Code of the City of St. Cloud.  Mobile business locations whereby the actual business operation is performed someplace other than the dwelling providing such mobile business or occupation meets the provisions of the Land Development Code for the City of St. Cloud shall be for used only for office purposes.   

If a business fails to obtain or renew the Certificate of Use required by City Code 12.132 the business shall be subject to prosecution in the manner provided by F.S. 162 or F.S. 166.0415, and, upon conviction, such person shall be subject to a fine, imprisonment, or both as described in City Code 12-134.  Should a business begin conducting illegal activities from their location, the City can choose to suspend or revoke the company's certificate of use as described in City Code 12-137

The application for a certificate of use is part of the Local Business Tax Receipt application form. The fee for certificate of use is $25.00. Annual renewal fee is $15.00. For a applications please go to the following appropriate links:

Note:  If links are unavailable, please see document center on main page to obtain appropriate document. 

Changes in Business
If you move or change your business name a new Certificate of Use application must be obtained. A Certificate of Use may be transferred to a new owner with no additional charge providing there is proof of a bona fide sale provided of the business and no location change, name change or classification or use change is involved.

For questions or more information about the Certificate of Use, please contact the Licensing Department at (407) 957-7224.