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Tree / Palm Inventory
Inventory Program
St. Cloud has always had a reputation of caring for its trees. Continuing the effort of protection and restoration, the Parks and Recreation Department and the Tree Advisory Committee created a tree/palm inventory developed with financial assistance from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services through a grant from the 2003 Urban and Community Forestry Grant Program.

Areas of Inventory
All trees / palms located on our city rights-of-way, from 17th Street to Lakeshore Boulevard, and from Columbia Avenue / Budinger Avenue to Eastern Avenue, will be inventoried. This area is called the grid and is the oldest part of St. Cloud. The grid is home to over 3000 trees / palms which canopy our streets and yards everyday.

Tree / Palm Ownership
We all share them if they are located on public properties. A homeowner may plant a tree / palm along the road or claim ownership of that tree / palm along the road however, if it is located within the city rights of way, it becomes a part of our municipality and is protected and maintained by the Parks and Recreation Department’s Beautification Division.

Inventory Purpose
The inventory will create a better communication level between our residents and staff. Every tree/palm will be evaluated for health and safety conditions, photos will be taken and physical addresses will be assigned. This information will be compiled in a format that will allow the arborist / tree crew to evaluate, track, and update the needs of the tree/palm and respond to resident concerns.

For questions or more information about the tree / palm inventory, please call the Tree Call Line at (407) 957-7245.