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Crime Prevention
Commitment to Reduced Crime

The St. Cloud Police Department is committed to development, implementation and perpetuation of comprehensive and proactive programs which anticipate, recognize and appraise crime risks and which initiate actions to remove or reduce those crime risks.

The Crime Prevention Unit is the organizational component responsible for coordinating and implementing crime prevention activities for the police department.
Below are some Crime Prevention information/tips that might be helpful to you and your family

Tip Line                                     General Burglary Tips                              Small Business Crime Prevention
General Crime Prevention Tips        Prevention Tips For Children                     Home Security Crime Prevention Tips
Home Security Checklist               How To Dispose of Used Medicines            Identity Theft
                                               Parent's Guide to Internet Safety

Services & Programs

The Crime Prevention Unit offers a broad range of services and programs designed to promote a keen awareness of crime and the dangers associated with criminal activity. Some of the programs offered are: 
  • Bicycle registration
  • Business and residential security surveys
  • Child abduction prevention
  • CPTED surveys
  • Neighborhood watch
  • Operation identification
  • Workplace violence prevention

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