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Economic Development

   St. Cloud offers a unique atmosphere for businesses to grow and prosper. The city is located just minutes away from the city of Orlando, the Orlando International Airport, and the Medical City at Lake Nona. Overall, St. Cloud provides easy access to all major cities in Florida.

   The St. Cloud community is steeped in tradition and heritage, but continues to effectively develop as a community to live, work, and play. City of St. Cloud officials and staff continue to explore ways to make the community “business positive.” Officials and staff support programs that diversify the community’s business and industrial base, such as the UCF Business Incubator-St. Cloud. This facility provides incentives for new and existing target industries and provides incentives for the establishment of certain types of commercial development. The City of St. Cloud’s Economic Development Consultant assists new companies interested in establishing themselves within the city. The Economic Development Consultant also assists existing companies and administers incentive programs. 

  Everyone is invited to St. Cloud to see what the city has to offer and how we can assist your company!

City of St. Cloud Incentives

   The City of St. Cloud’s Incentives Ordinance allows for cash incentives in employment within target industries and incentives allowing for deferment and waiver of fees for speculative buildings that meet a certain criteria. 

   Another incentive provides for a waiver of all or a portion of Transportation Impact Fees for any company that is considered a target industry. The total amount in any one year would depend on the prior year’s impact-fee collections.


Economic Development

City Hall, Bldg. A, 3rd Floor
1300 9th St.
St. Cloud, FL 34769