See It, Say It!


Report suspicious activity to the st. Cloud Police Department at 407-891-6700 or call 855-FLA-SAFE (855-352-7233).

You may also email us.

Campaign Overview

The City of St. Cloud's Police Chief, Pete Gauntlett, would like to remind residents of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's campaign; "If You See Something, Say Something."

It is important to always be aware of our surroundings and report suspicious behavior to your local law enforcement agencies," said, Pete Gauntlett. "We want to remind our citizens to remain vigilant and stay safe."

Florida initially launched the "If You See Something, Say Something" campaign in 2011. Officials encourage anyone who sees suspicious activity to report it to local law enforcement - The St. Cloud Police Department at 407-891-6700 or call 1-855-FLA-SAFE (1-855-352-7233.) It can also be reported online though FDLE's website.

Examples of Suspicious Activity

Examples of suspicious activity include: people canvassing the area, drawing, or measuring buildings for no known reason without proper identification; (this does not include utility workers, cable company personnel, property appraisal personnel, realtors, etc.) Be aware of people asking questions about building security procedures or people in secure areas where they are not supposed to be or leaving behind brief cases, boxes, suit cases, backpacks or packages of any kind.


The "If You See Something, Say Something" campaign, originally implemented by New York City's Metropolitan Transportation Authority and now licensed to the Department of Homeland Security for a nationwide campaign, is a simple and effective program to engage the public and key frontline employees to identify and report indicators of terrorism and terrorism-related crime to the proper law enforcement authorities.