Streets & Stormwater

Streets Division Mission

To maintain the City's roads and right-of-ways to achieve their maximum design life and to ensure the continuation of efficient and safe transit on all city streets and pedestrian ways. This is accomplished through the use of street re-surfacing, pothole repair, sidewalk installation, and sidewalk repair.


The Streets Division maintains the rights of ways, sidewalks and alley ways within the city's corporate limits in accordance with local and state laws.

Stormwater Division Mission

To maintain the City's Stormwater system to ensure they perform to the design capacity. This is accomplished by sweeping the streets, and cleaning the stormwater inlets, culverts, and conveyance systems.


The Stormwater Division is responsible for the maintenance of the city's stormwater infrastructure, swells, water convenience systems, and street sweeping. All storm inlets are inspected and cleaned on an annual basis.

This division provides a street sweeping and storm water inlet cleaning program to minimize the pollution entering our lake systems. All curbed streets are swept on a 3 week rotation schedule.