School Resource Officers

School Resource Officer BadgeMission

The mission of the School Resource Officer, or SRO, is to provide a safe and secure learning environment for students and staff at the public schools within the City, and to act as a liaison between the school administration and the Police Department.


SRO Officers take reports of crimes that have been reported at the school, which frees up Patrol Officers from having to respond.

SRO Officers are responsible for traffic control in the morning and afternoon for vehicles arriving at and leaving the school.

SRO Officers teach classes on subjects such as bicycle safety, bullying, stealing, building good character, anti-smoking, animal safety Cyber Bullyingand fire safety.

SRO Officers constantly walk the school campus to make sure that everyone there has a legitimate reason for being on school grounds. All exterior doors are checked to make sure they are secured so that no one can enter the school without going to the office to sign in.

SRO Officers spend a lot of time interacting with students to let them see that law enforcement officers are approachable and are there to help them if needed.

SRO Officers help during special events at the school such as field days, assemblies and sporting events.

SRO Officers participate in a mentoring program at the schools. A student who is having a hard time fitting in or seems to be having problems getting along with others is assigned a mentor, who may be a teacher, a member of the school staff or an SRO. Mentors work with the students one on one and teach them the importance of getting along with others and good citizenship.

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