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Peghorn Nature Park

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Open to all St Cloud Citizens

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  2. Community Garden
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  4. Nature Walks
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Park Origins 
In 1992, the City of St. Cloud realized that eco-heritage was important to a community and ours would be list in the historical pages if action was not taken. Through the Parks and Recreation Department, a plan was created and the Peghorn Nature Park and Trail evolved.

The 58 acre passive park takes its visitors on a journey beginning in the late 1800s to modern day. The cracker village is a sample of how we are working to preserve our disappearing heritage. The wetland and trails continue to preserve the environment and teach us about "real" Florida.

Park Namesake
The Peghorn Nature Park and Trail protects the habitat of many native plants and animals. The name Peghorn is derived form the cattle raised in the area in the 1900s. The cattle had unique wood peg shaped horns. Much of the surrounding area has been developed, leaving behind a small piece of native Florida wetland.
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